Daily Dare '11

This article focuses on the NeoCash subsection of the Daily Dare held in 2011 - if you wish to see full prize lists please click here!

As in previous years, the Avinroo siblings' cousin - a young Cybunny called Lulu - challenged players in the Daily Dare NC Challenge! The challenges are, as always, pretty much completely separate to the normal Daily Dares - and requiring players to purchase Game Tickets from the NC Mall to participate. There are thirty-one challenges and players needed one ticket per challenge.

Tickets must be activated via your inventory before you can use them to play a specific NC Challenge game, but once they have been activated you may play that game as many times as you like until you beat Lulu's score. Players who complete all thirty-one challenges will also received a pack of bonus prizes.

The Daily Challenges

Game To Play Prize
March 1 - Top Chop

Score 400 points.

Top Chop Coin Shower
March 2 - Crisis Courier

Score 400 points.

Altadorian Doll House
March 3 - Faerie Bubbles

Score 200 points.

Faerie Bubble Foreground
March 4 - Imperial Exam

Score 200 points.

Ink Moustache
March 5 - Ultimate Bullseye II

Score 20 points.

Flag and Arrow Garland
March 6 - Snowmuncher

Score 550 points.

Falling Ice Block Foreground
March 7 - Kou-Jong

Score 150 points.

Glowing Hanging Lanterns
March 8 - Faerie Cloud Racers

Score 100 points.

Cloud Staff
March 9 - Kookia

Score 25,000 points.

Starburst Shower
March 10 - Chemistry for Beginners

Score 90 points.

Fancy Lab Coat
March 11 - Hannah and the Kreludor Caves

Score 4,000 points.

Pink and Purple Striped Hoodie
March 12 - Hasee Bounce

Score 60 points.

Teeter Tottering Hasees
March 13 - Habitarium

Reach level 3.

Petpet Goo Blaster
March 14 - Nova Defender

Score 25,000 points.

Dusk to Dawn Background
March 15 - The Usul Suspects

Score 65 points.

Series of Tubes Foreground
March 16 - Chia Bomber

Score 35 points.

Water Splash
March 17 - Dueling Decks

Score 2,500 points.

Zenco the Magnificent Contacts
March 18 - Wingoball

Score 350 points.

Wingoball Heart Tree
March 19 - Dubloon Disaster

Score 65 points.

Doraks Boat
March 20 - Sutek's Tomb

Score 400 points.

Lost Desert Pyramids Background
March 21 - Trouble at the National Neopian

Score 300 points.

Shiny Bag of Gold Coins
March 22 - Jumpin' Gem Heist

Score 22,000 points.

Jumpin Gem Heist Garland
March 23 - Wrath of the Snowager

Score 19,000 points.

Snowager Arm Cuff
March 24 - Petpet Cannonball

Score 40 points.

Petpet Cannonball Skull Shower
March 25 - Turmac Roll

Score 180 points.

Turmac Hoodie
March 26 - Kass Basher

Score 220 points.

Magical Stick of Bread
March 27 - Neopian Battlefield Legends

Score 4,000 points.

Battlefield Legends Armour
March 28 - Goparokko

Score 1,300 points.

Goparokko Jungle Foreground
March 29 - Extreme Herder

Score 70 points.

Mini Petpet Plushies
March 30 - Ugga Smash

Score 175 points.

Smoke Cloud
March 31 - Spinacles

Score 600 points.

Golden Spinacles Background
Bonus Prizes for Completing all 31 Challenges

Daily Dare NC Challenge Y13 Gold Medal

NC Challenge Curtains Foreground

Lulus Y13 Shoes

Lulus Y13 Dress

Retro Tuesday Challenges

Also added to the NC side if the Daily Dare for 2011 is the Retro Tuesday Challenge. Buying the Daily Dare NC Retro Challenge Tuesdays Retro Challenge Game Ticket will let you take all 5 challenge using games from the previous year and their prizes, essentially re-releasing the past prizes!

Sparkling Negg Wig

140 points in Meerca Chase II

Tyrannian Bonfire

150 points in Pterattack

Downhill Snowball Background

200 points in Snow Roller

Chase Chariot

200 points in Chariot Chase

Glowing Book of Spells

15,000 points in Spellseeker
Written by Izzy
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