Crafting Faerie Quests

About the Crafting Faerie

After the fall of Faerieland, the faeries had no choice but to seek help across Neopia to rebuild their land. Delina, the Crafting Faerie was introduced on the 8th day of Awakening, Y13. A stunning fact about this faerie is that she prefers to craft things rather than cast spells (which between us is pure nonesense)!

Crafting Faerie Quest

How it Works

Crafting Faerie Quests work just like all other Faerie Quests. Basically, you are asked to find items and bring them back to Delina. The only thing that makes these quests special is that she is only interested in specific NC Mall items, which cost real money. Rather than rewarding you with increases in your active pet's stats, this faerie transforms the items you bring her into exclusive NC Mall wearable items. You can find more information about the ingredients and the combinations for crafting below. To purchase the ingredients for Delina's Quests you can access the link through the Faerie Quests page or through the Faerie Quest NC Shop.

To participate in these quests, Delina, the Crafting Faerie, will ask you for a set of two ingredients. These ingredients each cost 75NC.

Crafting Combinations

Current Quests

Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Item Crafted

Past Quests

2019 Quests
2019 Quests
2017 Quests
2016 Quests
2015 Quests
2014 Quests
2013 Quests
2012 Quests
2011 Quests


Even if it looks like TNT has just found a new way to push Neocash down our throats, keep in mind that doing crafting faerie quests is always optional. If your only Neocash comes from the Qasalan Expellibox and the rare occasions when TNT gives away NC for taking part in events, I would argue that completing one of Delina's quest is a good way to get a cool-looking item cheaply. Remember to spend your Neocash intelligently!

Written by Xepha & Masaryk
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