Blank Tomes

Some strange portals have been appearring across Neopia. Now it's time to visit Brightvale and help Magon with his project.

After venturing through Magon's portal and have returned to him, he'll reward you with your prize. One of the items will be a special Blank Tome. These tomes will need to be opened with a Magic Lens. You will need to purchase a Magic Lens for each tome you wish to open. They are available for purchase in the NC Mall for 125NC and will be available until September 3, 2018.

Unlike, other NC Mall event items, this Magic Lens does not need to be activated in your Inventory. Instead, it can be applied right away to the tome you wish to read.

Blank Tomes and Prizes

August 27th - 28th August 29th
August 30th August 31st
September 1st September 2nd
September 3rd
Written by Mouseykins
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