AC9 Hidden Altador

Beyond Altador lies a fascinating city! Take a look at the map and discover Altador’s hidden side and collect souvenirs every day. During this event, you will get to explore four secret locations using Enchanted Compasses from the NC Mall. Every Sunday throughout the Altador Cup, a new compass will be available, starting on the 1st of June. When you have purchased the compass, be sure to activate it so you can visit the secret location and find a new NC item.

The event will run for 28 days (June 1st - 28th). The first Enchanted Compass will allow you access to the Hall of Fountains. You can claim your prizes on already purchased and activated passes anytime you visit an access area. There is no time limit in collecting your daily prize. You will be able to return to the page to claim your prize as long as the Hidden Altador page is still accessible, but only if you have an Enchanted Compass activated.

Sadly, this year there won't be a bonus item prize for participating in this event. During the event, you will only be able to collect prizes once for each location per account, but you will be able to participate in this event on your side accounts.

Once you have purchased your compass, go to your inventory to activate it. Upon activating your first compass, visit The Hall of Fountains to receive your prize.

The Hidden Altador Prizes

Hall of Fountains

Dicing Tower

Isle of Yooyu

Gardeners Rest

- June 22 -

Rosie Dress

- June 24 -

Rainbow Petal Shower

- June 25 -

Lily Pad Umbrella

- June 26 -

Lily Pad Wig

- June 27 -

Mossy Archway Garland

- June 28 -

Vine Bow Shirt
Written by Mouseykins
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