AC5 NC Challenge

The Altador Cup NC challenge for 2010 was structured a little differently to how it was in 2009. You still needed to reach certain goals to be awarded your NC items, but prizes were not awarded every day like in 2009. There was a rank every week which contained 4 prizes: Benchwarmer (week 1), Substitute (week 2), Starter (week 3), Team Captain (week 4) and MVP (week 5). There were also bonus prizes.


Unlike the previous NC challenge where there were many ticket packs to choose from, there was only 1 ticket pack available, which covered all 5 weeks of the NC challenge.

The Prizes

Benchwarmer - Week 1
Challenge 1
Join an Altador Cup Team

Altador Cup Training Gym Background
Challenge 2
Score 5 Goals in 1 Game of Shootout Showdown

Partly Cloudy Hoodie
Challenge 3
Score 4,500 in Make Some Noise

Spinning Altador Cup Star Belt
Challenge 4
Score 1 goal in any game of Yooyuball

Bouncing Yooyu Foreground
Substitute - Week 2
Challenge 1
Score 250 points in Slushie Slinger

Altador Cup V Neck Towel
Challenge 2
Score 10 Goals in 2 Games of Shootout Showdown

Altador Cup V Golden Hair Bow
Challenge 3
Score 1 goal with a normal Yooyu in a game of Yooyuball

Altador Cup V Uniform Shorts
Challenge 4
Score 5,000 points in 2 or more games of Make Some Noise

Steam Shower
Starter - Week 3
Challenge 1
Score 2 goals in Yooyuball

Yooyuball Shoulder Padding
Challenge 2
Score 15 Goals in 3 Games of Shootout Showdown

Brilliant Altador Sun Sandals
Challenge 3
Score 5,500 points in Make Some Noise

Techo Fanatic Plushie
Challenge 4
Score 350 points in Slushie Slinger

Altador Cup Horn
Bonus Challenge
Cast your vote in the TNT Staff Tournament

Altador Cup V Souvenir Toga
Team Captain - Week 4
Challenge 1
Score 6,000 points in 2 or more games of Make Some Noise

Altador Cup Tiara
Challenge 2
Score 400 points in 2 or more games of Slushie Slinger

Slushie Slinger Table Top
Challenge 3
Win 1 game of Yooyuball

Altador Colosseum Background
Challenge 4
Score 20 points in 4 games of Shootout Showdown

Altador Cup Masters Blazer
Bonus Challenge
Score 1 goal using the Fire Yooyu in a game of Yooyuball

Garland of Yooyus
MVP - Week 5
Challenge 1
Score 500 points in Slushie Slinger
Challenge 2
Score 25 Goals in 5 Games of Shootout Showdown

Chia Goalie Gloves
Challenge 3
Win or Draw in 2 games of Yooyuball

Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon
Challenge 4
Score 6,500 points in Make Some Noise

Celebratory Drenching

Final Prizes

If players managed to complete the MVP challenges, they were awarded with the following items:

For those players not skilled enough to reach the highest MVP level, they were awarded a consolation medal based on the highest level they achieved.

Written by Ellie
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