Meerca Henchmen Challenger Guide

"Malkus Vile's henchmen... beware of this duo!"

The Meerca Henchmen are best known for their role in the theft of King Coltzan's crown. These brothers in crime like to keep their reflexes sharp by beating up any Neopian foolish enough to challenge them!

Getting the Henchmen as a Challenger

The Henchmen are relatively simple to get as a one-player challenger - simply refresh here! It may take some time for you to actually get them though, because the event is random.

Meerca Henchmen

Recommended Minimum Stats

While they're not the smartest cookies in the bunch, the brothers can still deal some impressive damage. Here's a run down of the minimum stats you'll want your pet to have.

Recommended Stats
Level Over 50, so you have Lens Flare.
Hit Points 120+ is best, but it is possible to beat them with less and some luck.
Strength At least 55 for the boost, but of course the higher the better.
Defense If you want to, get the 20 point boost but don't worry too much if you're just under that.

Faerie Abilities

As with any battle there are a few Faerie Abilities that can be helpful. They aren't essential but they will make the fight easier. Probably the best to have are:

Static Cling
Static Cling
Level 1, Free
Positive Thinking
Positive Thinking
Level 10, 4 light icon
An Icicle
An Icicle
Level 25, 10 water icon
Lens Flare
Lens Flare
Level 50, 15 light icon

Opponent Weapons

Click on the weapon to view it on The Daily Neopets Items Database.

Green Apple


Coconut Keyring

Neopets Beach Ball


Meerca Brothers Glue

Meerca Brothers Water Pistol

Hefty Loot Bag

Useful Weapons

If you're looking to get some special weapons for your battle with these slippery, thieving brothers here are a few of the weapons that are most effective against them.

Scroll of Knowledge

Scroll of Knowledge
The Meerca Henchmen don't have a lot of defensive weapons, so when choosing your attack for them, use this general rule: the more icons, the better. With 11 icons, Scroll of Knowledge is a solid choice. Other alternatives in this price range include Scroll of the Wise and Scroll of the Scholar. For a few more NP, you could upgrade to something in the 12-13 icon range, like Ylanas Blaster, Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting, or Altador Cup Throwing Star.

Rusty Pitchfork

Rusty Pitchfork
Instead of or paired with a constant, a dual duty can be useful, too. The Meerca Henchmen's attack includes a lot of physical icons, so a dual duty like Rusty Pitchfork or Altadorian Swordbreaker can really come in handy.

Patched Magic Hat

Patched Magic Hat
This shield can protect you from a good chunk of the Meerca Henchmen's physical attack. Plus, half of their possible physical attack comes paired with air icons, which means this shield gives you extra defense against physical. Other good options are Shiny Shoal Shell Shield and Leaf Shield.

Snowglobe Staff

Snowglobe Staff
A good freezer is always useful in any battle, but with the brothers a free turn when they're frozen is super important! Other freezers that you can use are the Black Frost Cannon, Randomly Firing Freeze Ray or, if you want a 100% freezer, the Scroll of Freezing.

Robot Muffin

15-Icon Muffin
Muffins are very useful in this battle as they are reasonably priced 15-iconers, even if they are one use items. Currently, Robot Muffin is the cheapest 15-icon muffin at about 100 NP. To avoid the Meerca Henchmen's ability to defend against physical, consider Shooting Star Muffin or Swift Darkfire Negg Bomb. Other options include Water Muffin, Smelly Dung Muffin, Darigan Muffin, Radioactive Muffin, Brain Muffin, Golden Muffin, Icy Muffin, and Ornate Fighting Fan.

Thick Smoke Bomb

Thick Smoke Bomb
Like your freezer this single use defense item will give you a free shot at the Henchmen, while it negates all the damage they deal to you in for one turn.

Greater Healing Scroll

Greater Healing Scroll
This is a good economical healer, which will allow you to regain 50 health points during the battle. If you have a few more NP to spend, you could get a Rejuvenating Jar of Brains for a 60 HP heal instead. If you want a healer that will heal you back to full you could try getting a Lucky Robots Foot but remember that is a one use healer, and will vanish after you use it.


Another good defense item, this will block half of the icons that the Henchmen throw at you for one turn.

The Meerouladen and Heermeedjet Avatars

When you beat the Henchmen for the eighth Defenders of Neopia trophy you will also get one of these two avatars, which you can then use on the Neoboards. Which one you get is random, and it'll be awarded on the same page as your shiny new Defenders of Neopia trophy when you return to their headquarters.

Don't forget to check off these avatars at The Daily Neopets.

Written by Izzy
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