Jelly Chia Challenger Guide

A wobbling villain, Jelly Chia enjoys throwing snowballs and using fragile wands to conjure more!

Getting Jelly Chia as a Challenger

Visit the Jelly Chia's Gallery of Evil page here.

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Recommended Minimum Stats

Jelly Chia is actually one of the easiest challengers of his difficulty as he uses very weak weapons.

Recommended Stats
Level Over the values for whichever Faerie Abilities you want, but otherwise it doesn't really matter.
Hit Points Upwards of 20 and you should be fine.
Strength Doesn't matter
Defense Doesn't matter

Faerie Abilities

As with any battle there are a few Faerie Abilities that can be helpful. They aren't essential but they will make the fight easier. Here are some of the better abilities to consider. Static Cling is great because it allows you to add 3 light icons to your attack, every turn. Similarly, An Icicle gives an extra 6 water icons, and you can use it every turn. Shade gives your defense an extra boost, since it defends against an unknown number of icons for 3 random icon types. If you meet the level requirement, Lens Flare blinds your opponent on the current turn, preventing them from using weapons. You should also get a Level 10 ability, but it doesn't much matter which one. It's really how you wish to battle.

Static Cling
Static Cling
Level 1, Free
Level 5, 2 dark icon
An Icicle
An Icicle
Level 25, 10 water icon
Lens Flare
Lens Flare
Level 50, 15 light icon

Beyond Level 50, any abilities you may choose shouldn't be needed but may make the battle a bit more fun.

Opponent Weapons

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Wet Snowball

Evil Snowball

Peach Snowball

Wet Snowball Wand

Evil Snowball Wand

Jelly Sword

Jelly Shield

Jelly Net

Useful Weapons

Your choice of equipment is, of course, very important. Here are some weapons and things that you might find useful.

Scroll of Knowledge

Scroll of Knowledge
A good constant is nice and will speed up this battle, but really, anything that attacks will do.

Leaf Shield

Leaf Shield
This shield is great for beginner battlers, and is very effective against Jelly Chia as it blocks most of the snowballs. Don't use this if you haven't trained defense, since it won't help you much.

Golden Compass

Golden Compass
Compared to the Scroll of Knowledge, this weapon exchanges 2 icons of attack for about 3 icons of dark defense. Combine this with the Leaf Shield and an equal defense boost should block most to all the icons this wriggling menace can dish out.

Sandstone Boots

Sandstone Boots
These boots, while not widely known, may give you the upper foot on the Jelly Chia. This set of sandstone clod-hoppers is a dual duty that blocks 3 earth and 3 water icons. For those who haven't trained defense, or don't want to buy a Leaf Shield yet, this would be a good alternative against Jelly Chia as it blocks most of the snowballs. It can also attack with 0.4 - 4 physical icons and costs about 20 NP (at the time of writing).

Hanso Charisma Charm

Hanso Charisma Charm
This dual duty is a good constant since it blocks all dark and hits with 10 constant icons (5 light and 5 earth). It's not necessary for Jelly Chia, but it will cut down your dark damage if he uses an Evil Snowball. This is a pricey, but decent (and slightly overkill) upgrade to the Golden Compass.

Magical Healing Potion

Magical Healing Potion
A healer can help you out during the battle to help restore some of your HP. Magical Healing Potion gives you 15 HP once per battle for under 100 NP. It's GREAT for those new to the battledome! Bronze Scorchstone also provides 15 HP once per battle, for a few more NP. If you have a pet with a bit more HP, you could go for a Lesser Healing Scroll, which provides healing up to 25 HP once per battle.

Steel Snowball

Steel Snowball
For the most part, bombs are either single use (use them and they're gone forever) or once per battle. If used at the right time, they can be devastating to your opponent. Steel Snowball is a good bomb; it boasts 13 icons, dealing air, dark and physical, and only costs a handful of np! Alternatives include Snow Mudball, Diamond Snowball, Shooting Star Muffin, Swift Darkfire Negg Bomb, Darigan Muffin, Robot Muffin, Icy Muffin, or Jar of Meepit Eyes. Ultranova is another option, since attacking and healing can be useful for a young pet just battling.

The Strategy

Strategy Without Faerie Abilities

As you can see from the recommended equipment above, Scroll of Knowledge is a good 11 icon weapon. At this low of a level, and with the influx of decent weapons, there are a fair number of decent weapons to choose from with decent amounts of icons. Scroll of Knowledge, at 11 icons, is one of the best for the price. However, if you wish to spend a bit less, I would recommend the Golden Compass and Leaf Shield combo. Golden Compass attacks with 9 icon and defends 3 dark icons. Why is this important? Because if Jelly Chia uses an Evil Snowball, which can deal 3 dark icons (along with some water and physical), the dark defense of the Golden Compass will be very useful. ;)

If you combine the Golden Compass with Sandstone Boots, you will block 3 of the 4 icon types that Jelly Chia can attack with. The ONLY icon type not blocked with this strategy is physical. However, the Leaf Shield currently costs over 40,000 Neopoints, compared to only 20 NP for the Sandstone Boots, which is why I recommend this strategy for those who either cannot afford the current price of the Leaf Shield or choose not to buy it for whatever reason.

You may also choose to get a Hanso Charisma Charm, priced about 500K - 600K Neopoints at the time of this writing. This is a 10-icon attacker. Its impressive feature, though, is that it blocks ALL darkness. While a bit overkill price-wise for facing the Jelly Chia, this isn't really a bad item to use if you already have one.

Strategy With Faerie Abilities

If you have the ability Lens Flare, you can do this one of two ways.

Strategy 1: On your first turn, use Lens Flare + Strongest weapon + 2nd strongest weapon or bomb. This allows you to essentially freeze the Jelly Chia on the first turn and take a big chunk out of his HP.

Strategy 2: Use Golden Compass + Leaf Shield on the first turn. Then later, if you take damage and want to heal, use your strongest constant + healer + Lens Flare.

If you do not have Lens Flare due to choosing a different ability or not being above level 50, here are some other options while using some of the recommended abilities. If you have Static Cling, you can use Golden Compass + Leaf Shield + Static Cling for 3 extra light icons of damage. The same can be said for An Icicle, which deals 6 water icons, which may make more sense than Static Cling as the Jelly Chia's Jelly Shield can block some light, but he does not seem to have any defense against water. The great thing about these two abilities is they are multi-use with no cooldown, so you can just continually use them to add extra icons to your attack.

The Shade ability blocks a fair (but so far unknown) amount of 3 random icons, so definitely use if you need to defend at all, though it probably won't be necessary. For Level 10 abilities, I personally prefer "Meh" for a slight defense boost, while Cranky will give you a slight offensive boost and positive thinking a slight healing boost. None of these are required to beat Jelly Chia so I'd say choose whichever one suits your pet and battle style.


Jelly Chia
I would've beat you if you weren't so prepared, thanks to the Battlepedia!

Written by Crimson, Aquamentis
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