Fast Battle Training Guide

The Battledome is a place where pets fight challengers or other pets. To increase the effectiveness of your battledome weapons, you must train your stats in order to get a higher boost. This simple guide is made to help you train your pet as fast as possible.


There are many ways to increase you pet's stats, but your main objective is to train as frequently as possible at training schools. There are three training schools available in Neopia:

School Levels Currency

Swashbuckling Academy
1-40 Dubloons

The Mystery Island Training School
1-250 Codestones

Secret Ninja Training School
Over 250 Red Codestones

Training Tips

Now that you're acquainted with where to train, here are some tips to achieving cost effective trained pet!

  • TIME IS GOLD: The key to fast training is to place your pet back on a course as soon as it finishes one. ALWAYS take note on what time your pet would finish its training so you can place it back again to maximize your training time.
  • WHERE TO TRAIN: The best place to begin training is the Swashbuckling Academy. Be patient until you get to level 40 then switch to The Mystery Island Training School.
  • NO NEED FOR SPEED: Most new battlers ask this question: Should you train agility? The best answer is NO, because agility doesn't take any part in Battledome fighting. There are few Battledome items that works best if you have the recommended agility standard (example: Heavy Robe of Thievery which requires 200+ agility and 100 intelligence to steal a weapon). If you are the kind of person that would like to make your pet PERFECT, then go ahead and train but still I recommend not training agility anymore.
  • TRAIN EVEN FASTER WITH NEOCASH: If you want to spend NeoCash, the NC Mall offers a Training Fortune Cookie that reduces the length of a course from anywhere between 30% to 75% for 5 consecutive days. There is also a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie that guarantees you to have one faerie quest per day for 7 days. For more information on Fortune Cookies, check out our guide on TDN Customization.

Stats From Dailies & Other Activities

These are the other ways to increase - or accidentally decrease - your pet's stats in your daily Neopian life:

Coltzan's Shrine
Effect: Random stat by 1

Deadly Dice
Effect: Increases or decreases level

Effect: Increase level by 1

Fruit Machine
Effect: Increase level or strength

Effect: Increase strength

The Coincidence
Effect: Increase or decrease random stat

Stats From Items

There are various items available that will affect your pet's stats. Not all of them are entirely positive, and most are insanely expensive for what they are. However if you want a quick boost and you have a large bank balance then maybe these are for you! A general list of items that will change your pets stats can be found here but we will share common stat increasing items below.

Scrolls and Shrooms

There are currently two expensive Lost Desert scrolls that will change their stats upon reading to your pet: the Mummified Scroll, which will remove 0-3 movement points and add them to your HP and the Scroll of the Ancients, which will add 1 strength, 1 movement and 2 intelligence points.

Shrooms are an expensive item that can be fed to your pet to increase a variety of its battle stats. To see what benefits the various Shrooms available could offer check their entries in the weapon database.


Some Neggs can also be used to increase stats. While the cost of neggs has decreased, it still may be too expensive for most Neopians to use as a training method. To see the effects of the different Neggs see the special Neggs section in the weapon database. You may also visit our Negg Training Guide for more info about Negging.

Cool NeggSuper NeggFerocious Negg

Starry Birthday Cupcakes

On the birthday of your pet, you can visit their pet lookup and choose one of three Starry Birthday Cupcakes. Each cupcake will increase a specific stat based on its flavor. These are no-trade items, but you can feed them to any pet on your account.

Starry Pink Birthday CupcakeStarry Yellow Birthday CupcakeStarry Blue Birthday Cupcake


Training your pet is very hard work taking time, dedication and a big bank account.With patience and perseverance, even a young pet can be as strong as any other. So, are you ready for the battledome? :D

Written by Crimson
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