Secret Challenger: Spider Grundo

Image Name
Spider Grundo
[Difficulty: 175, 228, 280]

A freak mutation created in Dr. Sloths Laboratory, the Spider Grundo hangs around in his cave, looking for tasty morsels to eat...
Arena: Rattling Cauldron
How to unlock: Click here.
Starting HP: 200, 260, 320
Abilities Used: Meditate, Positive Thinking, Shhhhhhhhh..., Burrow

Challenger Weapons

This challenger uses the following weapons.

Prizes Won

The following items can be won as prizes from this challenger.

(Easy) - Can only be obtained when battling on Easy difficulty.
(Medium) - Can only be obtained when battling on Medium difficulty.


Food, Medicine, and Grooming



Magic and Weapons

Scary Spider



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