Secret Challenger: Pant Devil

Image Name
Pant Devil
[Difficulty: 21, 42, 63]

This snickering little gremlin has been stealing all your items for the past year or so... are you going to let it get away without a fight?
Arena: Rattling Cauldron
How to unlock: Random event (or land on him at the WoE).
Starting HP: 22, 44, 66
Abilities Used: Halitosis, Shade, Cranky

Challenger Weapons

This challenger uses the following weapons.

Prizes Won

The following items can be won as prizes from this challenger.

(Easy) - Can only be obtained when battling on Easy difficulty.

Books, Toys, and Collectibles

Food, Medicine, and Grooming


Wearables, Gifts, and Neohome

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The Snowager
Next sleep in 2h, 10m, 52s.
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Jul 29: 11 AM/PM NST
Jul 30: 4 AM/PM NST
Jul 31: 9 AM/PM NST
Aug 1: 8 AM/PM NST
Obelisk War: Battle
Next cycle: 2d, 4h, 10m
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