Donny's Toy Repair Shop


Located on top of Terror Mountain is a small building which belongs to a hardworking Bori named Donny. This building, known as the Toy Repair Shop , aids Neopians in the reconstruction of their items. Occasionally when your Neopet plays with a toy, you'll notice that its roughhousing has damaged the item. Fortunately, the Toy Repair Shop does exactly as its name suggests.

How Does it Work?

When a broken item is in your inventory, visit the Toy Repair Shop. You will be greeted by Donny, who states that he will try to fix one of your toys for a small sum of Neopoints. As stated before, the item must be placed in your inventory or else Donny will not acknowledge it. Click on one of your items and Donny will tell you whether or not he is able to fix it. If the item is able to be fixed, a certain amount of Neopoints will be asked in return of Donny's help, along with two buttons that either confirms the deal or doesn't. If Donny is feeling particularly helpful, he may offer to fix your toy for free.

The process in which your item is being fixed is almost always straightforward and simple. Usually upon clicking the confirmation button, Donny will instantly give you the fixed item. There is an occasion, however, when Donny begins to have coughing fits. Patting Donny on the back will solve this situation and your item is soon fixed.

Just like everyone else, even Donny has his days. Instances have occurred where more damage is done to your item rather than restoration. He is kind enough to give you the resulting Pile of Rubble though. If an item appears to be beyond the point of repair, he will take the liberty of replacing it with a brand new one.
Neopians are proud to report that Donny has even offered to fix an item for free every once in a while.

Avatar: There is an avatar associated with the Toy Repair Shop. It is called "Broken" and it is simple to acquire. Click here to view the solution.

Valid Broken Toys

Donny is quite talented in fixing broken toys. In fact, he is able to fix 68 different types! Unfortunately though, he is still unable to fix some items. The Broken Fishing Pole and Broken Toy Sailboat are examples of irreparable items. Below is a list of items that Donny has the ability to repair:

Bag of Broken Neopoints
Broken Air Faerie Snowglobe
Broken Angel Chia Plushie
Broken Archery Set
Broken Big n Bouncy Toy
Broken Blue Chia Plushie
Broken Blue Cup and Ball Toy
Broken Blue Fuzzle
Broken Blue Whistle
Broken Bouncy Zafara Toy
Broken Click Klacks
Broken Clock
Broken Earth Faerie
Broken Fake Kass Charm
Broken Fake Uni Hat
Broken Fuzzie Bear
Broken Green Chia Plushie
Broken Gulper Float Ring
Broken Gumball Machine
Broken Gyroscope Toy
Broken Hissi In A Box
Broken Lady Blurg Bat Game
Broken Light Faerie Snowglobe
Broken Limited Edition Evil Chia Plushie
Broken Meridell Toy Plane
Broken Mootix Farm
Broken Neo Hits Volume One
Broken Pink Yoyo
Broken Plastic Sword
Broken Red Chia Plushie
Broken Red Ruki Scooter
Broken Red Toy Car
Broken Roller Blades
Broken Sculpty Dough
Broken Sharky Skateboard
Broken Shoot Kreludor Game
Broken Snicklebeast Balloon
Broken Soup Faerie Snowglobe
Broken Springy Green Slorg
Broken Super Duper Scooter
Broken Toy Seesaw
Broken Uniocto Racquet
Broken Warf Yoyo
Broken Wooden Sword
Broken Wind Up Nuranna
Broken Wind Up Tonu
Broken Wooden Stilts
Broken Yellow Chia Plushie
Broken Yoyo
Burst Basketball
Burst Blue Bouncy Ball
Burst Green Bori Ball
Dull Blue Pencil with Eraser
Flat Tyred Golden Bike
Ripped Cheery Tomato Plushie
Ripped Jelly Chia Plushie
Ripped Mutant Chia Plushie
Ripped Orange Grundo Plushie
Ripped Pink Fuzzle
Ripped Skarl
Smashed Cheery Blossom
Snapped Deluxe Set of Colouring Pencils

*At one point the five Broken Mynci puppets were repairable at Donny's shop. However, they are currently glitched and do not work.

The Bag of Broken Neopoints Factor

Spending a couple minutes at the Underwater Fishing cavern may surprise you one day as you reel in your line and discover a bag of Neopoints on the hook! Unfortunately, these Neopoints have been drenched and damaged to the point where they are no longer usable as currency. Although Donny specializes in toys for the most part, it appears that he also is skillful at restoring Neopoints. Allowing Donny to repair your Bag of Broken Neopoints will grant you with 2,000 Neopoints or less. Whether or not this is entirely beneficial is left for the user to decide. Although personally, you probably would make a better profit by selling them on the Shop Wizard rather than giving them to Donny, seeing as to how you need to pay Donny to fix your Bag of Broken Neopoints.


Avatar aside, the Toy Repair Shop is either useful or useless; perhaps even both. Some toys are relatively cheap and can be replaced for much cheaper than having it fixed. On the contrary, much more expensive toys that become broken preferably pay a visit to Donny's Toy Repair Shop. Despite any drawbacks, Donny is still able to manage his business well; maybe you will be in need of his service one day?

Written by Ian
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