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Getting 250 scores is no easy task. With all of the great games in Neopia, how do you keep track of them all? Sure, your highscores page tells you how many different games you've played and what they are, but what you want to know is what games you haven't played yet so you can get closer to that avatar!

Below, you're going to import your game data. This will generate a list of all the games you have not yet sent scores for

Step 1: Switch your Neopets language to English.

Step 2: Go to your highscores page

Step 3: Right click (control+click for Mac users) and click View Source (a window should pop up and in it you should see a bunch of HTML coding).
Press CTRL + A (Command + A on a Mac) to highlight all of the code, then press CTRL + C (Command + C ) to copy it to your computer's clipboard.
Then, put your cursor in the box below and press CTRL + V (Command + V) to paste all of the code. Then press submit.

Your Code:

Above is the list of games that you may still complete towards the Top Gamer Avatar. All games that count towards the avatar that you have not played will be listed with the exception of sponsor games, which are always changing. The current sponsor games can be found here. Note during the Altador Cup, Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown can also be added to your list of "games played" and will count towards the avatar. The mirror versions of these games (except Yooyuball) are available year round and also count towards your games played count. More info on mirror games can be found here

Special thanks to staffer Professorelite (Xander) for writing the script for this page!

Written by Professorelite & Stream27
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