The Neolodge

Going away for the weekend? Perhaps a month? Or just too lazy to feed Fluffy435 yourself? We've all been through it, even if you consider yourself the most caring Neopian. We just cannot be bothered to feed our pets every single day, and that 'Active Neopet' module is a constant reminder that I should one day feed poor Macintoshay and free it from its dying state. Neopets deserve more, right?

If you're like me, you probably aren't too bothered about feeding your pet. Show it off, sure, but actually feeding it? That's the job of the Grand Neopian Neolodge ! Certainly the decent way to pamper your pet, the Neolodge is Neopia's number one hotel chain. It'll take bookings for one to twenty-eight days, so if you're away, it might be a good idea to send one or all of your pets over their way - for a small fee.

Five stars, or five bags of garbage? You choose.

The Neolodge offers a variety of hotels for you to stay in.

  • Cockroach Towers - Okay, it's not luxury, but at only 5NP a night, it's the cheapest there is. And you can pay 5NP, surely? Even if it IS one star treatment, it's hardly a fortune ;)
  • Fleapit Motel - Doubling in price, stay here for just 10NP a night.
  • Cheap Hotel - It's certainly much better than Cockroach Towers, and is just 20NP for a two star bed for the night :)
  • Mountain Lodge - You won't be paying mountain-high prices over this way - three stars, 30NP.
  • Ye Olde Ship Inn - It's still three stars, and a bit more expensive; it's only the name that distinguishes this from Mountain Lodge.
  • Hotel Opera - Fancy a bit of the 4-star business? Just 50NP a night.
  • The Royal Neopian - Ooh, fancy name, eh? This one is a tad more expensive, and it's still four stars. 80NP a night.
  • Faerie Castle - Someone's feeling flash! It's 100NP for five star beds up here!
  • Presidential Palace - Double the price, and you'll be treated like a president over here; of course, that'll be 200NP, please.
  • AstroVilla - Prepare for you jaws to drop - 500NP, and you can't get higher than the five stars it offers. The most expensive option.
Old artwork of a five-star room
Yay for old artwork! This is an example of a five-star pad.

Of course, each price above is room only. If you want any extras, you'll have to check one of the options in Step 3 of the reservation form.

Any extras, sir?

There's a variety of options here. They're all in fact not necessary; don't be fooled by Restaurant and Burger Bar - whilst your pet is in the Neolodge, it stays bloated. You can however, choose certain bonuses at 5NP a night. Note that the 'special discounts' mentioned at the top of the page never happen, so don't wait around for them. ;)

Here's your bill

You need to fill out the form for every pet you wish to put in the Neolodge. Once you've filled out the form correctly (and there's no option to change the booking), press 'Complete Booking' and you'll get given the amount that will be deducted from your on-hand Neopoints. You pay the hotel fee plus optional extras multiplied by how many nights you choose to stay with them.


You can enter your pet into the Neolodge at any time. They'll stay bloated, and it's reasonably cheap - 25NP for five nights isn't bad! You can play with your Neopet at any time, no worries. Once the time has finished, the service will end notifying you with an email. Hope you enjoy your stay with the Neolodge! :)

Written by Samuel
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