Techo Mountain and the Red Codestones

Techo Mountain is the central mountain on Mystery Island , and has become famous for being the place to gain the Toasty avatar - simply take a 'Breadfish' there.

But what is it used for? When was it put to good use originally? And how do red codestones fit into the spectrum?

Mystery Island Volcano Puzzle

Techo Native Plushie In late 2003, users became gripped in the latest puzzle-plot, The Mystery Island Volcano. The mountain itself was used throughout; as the volcano on the mountain started erupting, users were blocked by Fyora's Fire Faerie. In particular, the puzzle gave prominence to a series of red codestodes which appeared around Neopia.

Red Codestones

There are 10 'original' codestones, which the holder can use the Mystery Island Training School. However, if your pet reaches level 250, the courses that the School offers aren't as advanced as you'd need them to be to further your level - thus, you'll need to access the Secret Ninja Training School , hidden in the depths of the Mountain (on the Mystery Island map, click the steps leading up the mountain to access it directly). And to train here is a little bit trickier - you'll need anywhere from one to all six of the red codestones, all of which are expensive.

To get a single red codestone, you need to throw ten of the original codestones into the volcano here . The original codestones are named Bri, Eo, Har, Lu, Main, Mau, Orn, Tai-Kai, Vo and Zei [Codestone]; but despite the amount of original codestones you'll be handing over, you'll only get one random red codestone back. You might have to hand over duplicates of one codestone and not another at all.

To buy through shops, or to redeem at the volcano?

As with original codestones, users who receive a red codestone can sell them in their shops. Here's what you're looking for:

However, assuming that you purchased all 10 of the original codestones, and redeemed them, and got a different red codestone each time, it could be much more cost-effective - but as nice a plan as you may think it to be, it's unlikely to be the case (you could throw in codestones and receive three of the same type, for instance, so the price invested gets higher if you're trying to get all six). The Volcano gives out a random red codestone, and doesn't take into account what it has previously handed out to you.

Red Codestones from the Battledome

One of the biggest updates to the revamped Battledome in that it now hands out daily prizes for fighting battles. While there are specific prizes for fighting certain challengers, there are also general prizes including weak bottled faeries, codestones, and even red codestones! This new update has made red Codestones much easier to obtain and in some cases lowered the prices.

If you are interested in red codestones for training purposes, chances are you already battle daily. However, training a pet for the battledome in order to win red codestones and other items is a good way to make NP from an easy daily activity.

How many do I need?

Once your pet reaches level 250+, and you have access to the Secret Ninja Training School, you'll need different amounts of codestones for different courses. To start with, you'll need just one codestone; at 300+, you'll need 2; Level 400, 3; and so on. All six codestones are required for the Grand Master course, which can only be completed with pets that are level 750 or above.


If you've taken the time to reach level 250, it's likely that you'll want to invest in furthering your pet's level - but it can be an expensive route to take, either way. If you've got money to spare, buy them through shops; you'll be sure of which codestones you are getting, rather than having a random one spat out of the mountain. For more information on the Ninja School, head over to our Battlepedia! Good luck training!

Written by Samuel
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