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TDN Con 2012 Staff Appearences

Ever wonder what the staff here at The Daily Neopets do all day? It's not all water balloon fights and sock puppets, let me tell you. There's a lot of hard work that goes on around here. From graphic design and event reporting to weapons testing and policing our forums, it's a busy place.

We regularly get questions on how we do the things that we do and thought it was about time we let you all in on some of our secrets! Appearing at the first ever TDN Convention, from August 24th-26th, 2012, will be staff from all our departments giving presentations and answering your questions. Below you will find all the staff participating and a little bit about them.

Once again, those interested in participating may fill out the registration form here.

A complete list of all the panels being presented can be found here.

Head Honchos

Aliases: Master, Floatypants
Position: Creator in Chief
About Me: Ian is currently unavailable for comment. He was last seen floating around Ohio. He is the wonderful genius who created The Daily Neopets. Without Ian, you would not be here right now. Some of his favourite things include pool parties and sleeping on roofs.

Aliases: V, Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....
Position: Content Director and Supervisor
About Me: Bonjour, mon nom est Véronique, but please call me V since it's easier to say in English! I am from Québec and I must listen music at all times or else... Well, I won't tell you what happens, but it's not pretty. I am one of the crazy people who enjoys coding and design. I'm also super well-organized (it's the only way I have found to keep things under control when my content staffer minions are around...). When I am not trying to find Ian, you can hear me screaming "WOCKKKKYYYY!!!"

Aliases: Superfly, TEEJAY, TEEJ, JT, Awesome, nonstickglue
Position: Community Administrator
About Me: I oversee the registation process and sort out any lost passwords and registration issues. I also help out with content when I'm not tweeting every human in the western hemisphere. I enjoy long walks on the beach and sleeping under the stars. I am not sorry for Party Rockin'. Currently seeking roommate.

Aliases: Animetriplicate
Position: Head Forum Moderator, ALP Pet Coordinator
About Me: I started off writing content for TDN back when we were new in 2006. Since then, I have moved onto board mod, becoming Head in 2008, and ALP Pet Chain coordinator since 2011. I am a 19-year old college student who loves anime (obviously), webcomics, adoptables and video games. My responsibilites include keeping track of all the ALP pet chains and protecting the boards from spambots with my ninja sword.

Aliases: Linds, Azzbow
Position: Head of News
  • Secrets of Reporting: Photoshop and Feedfly
  • What to Do When News is Late: Punching is not the Answer
About Me: My job is to keep everyone updated on breaking Neopian news. When TNT puts out news late, it makes me go "Mr. Coconut" with rage and cover my face in green icing. Because it's good for your skin. And keeps the news-stress wrinkles away.

Aliases: Masaryk
Position: Head of Customization
About Me: The TDN Neopets Customisation and Wearables Database is my domain! I am the overlord of all things wearable in Neopia and a writer of guides for NC Mall events, which TNT inevitably announces while I'm cooking dinner, leading to me going cross-eyed with rage, and covering my face in purple icing, since all the green has been claimed. When I'm not sorting through closets, I can usually be found slogging through the blackfly-infested wilderness of Canada, collecting plants and getting chased by bears. Other activities include: rolling dice, chasing my cats, rocking out, gaming, and shovelling snow.

Aliases: Egg Noog
Position: Head of Battlepedia and the Altador Cup Editor
About Me: I oversee weapons testing and weapon reviews, and am responsible for all the Battlepedia Staffers. Every summer, I oversee the Altador Cup, where I lead the super amazing coverage with on-site reporting. When I'm not fighting evil or throwing yooyus, I like to play music and video games.

Aliases: Ali Cat, Ali
Position: Head of Neoavatars, ALP Lender
About Me: I love cats. I am responsible for maintaining our avatars information and keeping it up to date. I love cats. When I'm not working on avatars, I hang out in the Kadoatery because Kads are almost Cats and cats are awesome. Meow?

Aliases: Izz, HEY YOU
Position: Head of TDN Avatar Lending Program
About Me: I'm in charge of the ALP's donation shop, buying items for lending and overseeing all our lenders. I also work with Meghan heading up the customization department. When I'm not working on things for TDN or coding lookups, I'm busy with my new doctor job and making the world's longest gummy worm.

Battle Ducks

Aliases: Crimsy, Creamy, Math
Position: Battlepedia Team
About Me: I spend most of my time testing and reviewing weapons and keeping the community up to date on weapons news. When I'm not working for TDN, I build forts out of math textbooks and challenge the girls to math games. Once, I ate a page of equations. Now, I burp astrophysics.

Aliases: Professorelite
Position: Battlepedia Team
About Me: As a fresh member of the Battlepedia team, I work on testing, reviewing and cataloging weapons. I've also written top secret scripts for different departments. When I'm not working on the site, I'm usually investing in the (real) stock market or at my bank job, playing in piles of money in the safe. If anyone finds gum stuck to their $5 bill, I'm sorry.

Aliases: Pirate Dante, Games Master Dante, Baron Dante
Position: Battlepedia Team
About Me: I work on weapon testing and rating as well as keeping up on all the new games info. You can usually find me lurking around Krawk Island with the rest of my pirate brethren or at home watching Gossip Girl sports.

Content Minions

Aliases: AA, OEHT
Position: Content Staff, Code Police, AC Reporter
About Me: Apart from keeping on top of the crossword and daily puzzle answers, I work on developing our content tools and improving the quality of the coding around the site. I also work on providing users with comprehensive Altador Cup coverage during Yooyuball season. When I'm not working on things for the site, I'm busy with other projects, like building airplane computers and other fun, robotic-y things. I have also started a campaign to end the rule of evil propriety software. OPEN SOURCE FOR ALL!

Aliases: Nellethiel, B-Flat
Position: Content Staff
About Me: I may correct your grammar one moment, then speak in LOLcats the next. I may hug you against your will. I may sing at you without warning. I may bombard you with links to angsty Glee fanfiction. I may make animal noises for no reason. You never know.

Aliases: Big Sis, Spritzie's TDNTwin
Position: Content Staff
About Me: Hi! I love helping everyone here at TDN, even if it's just cheering from the sidelines. When I'm not writing site content, You can usually find me curled up with my kitties reading or writing my own stories or with my best friend, Michael.

Aliases: Lydia, Nart
Position: Content Staff and AC Reporter
About Me: Originally hired on as an Altador Cup reporter, I decided I hadn't had enough punishment and jumped at the chance to do content. I'm waiting for the next Altador Cup to come around so that I can stay up too late and drink too much caffeine and have strange conversations with coworkers again!

Aliases: nbbug132, Darkwing Bug
Position: Content Staff
About Me: I am the terror that quacks in the night, I am the platypus obsessed defender of evil, I am the last stand between the content team and total chaos (not really). I mostly write boring articles on things like gourmet food and reading to your pet, when I'm not answering your TDN tickets that is. Let's get dangerous.

Aliases: stream27, EH-MUH-LEE
Position: Content Staff, ALP Lender
About Me: I obsessive-compulsively work on tickets because having open tickets makes me twitchy. I make lots of typos because one time, I tried to clean under my A key and it broke so I super-glued it back on and now it doesn't work good. I still consider myself to be a newb though I've been on staff for over 7 months. Sometimes, I talk to my iPod like it's people.

Aliases: Dee
Position: Content Staff, ALP Lender
About Me: I am currently on the Content Team here on TDN and it's SUPER, like discotechs. Love to chat & make friends. I love gymnastics & dance and have been doing them for 14 years of my lifeee. I LIVE on Neopets & I love painting my pets. I am the co-owner and one of the Headmistresses of a successful Harry Potter guild called Vault 713; I love everyone in the guild, its like have 90+ kids.

Aliases: Alberto of Meridell
Position: Content Staff, AC Reporter
About Me: I really enjoy working on Altador Cup coverage. During the off season, I can usually be found working on game guides or bugging Xepha. When I'm not working on the site, I enjoy political debates and foam sword fights.

Aliases: Marabot 108
Position: Content Staff, AC Reporter
About Me: When not working on Altador Cup predictions, I can usually be found in my cheese vault, coming up with the best excuses to procrastinate and a plan to conquer the world.

Aliases: Msmanic
Position: (Nearly) Content Staff
About Me: I'm always awake. I love white cheddar popcorn, watching my stocks on Neopets decline and drawing tattoo designs. I spend a lot of time writing, reading and wishing I was out fishing. Some day I will have a transparent pet and that darn SDB avatar. 175 items to go! :)

Mod Squad

Aliases: Steve, Stevers, NXP
Position: Forum Moderator, Resident Meepit Specialist
About Me: I've been a forum moderator for over half a year. I like to help out fellow members on Faerie Quests, as well as protect the forum from spam bots and other bad guys. I adore Meepits, as well as eating pizza, playing vintage video games, and watching old cartoons and anime from time to time.

Aliases: Spritz, Spritzles
Position: Forum Moderator, ALP Coordinator
About Me: When I'm not busy with TDN, I get to work with computers all day making sure things don't aspolde. I like Starbucks and Draiks and sometimes, I forget to wash my hair on Tuesdays. I hate fire alarms because when they go off, the sound is loud and scary. Also, it means I have to leave my super-awesome desk with all the hidden candy inside.

News Team

Aliases: Youidol
Position: News Poster
About Me: My job is to help keep people informed on the current events in Neopia. When I'm not writing for TDN, I enjoy writing submissions to the Neopian Times and eating crumpets. When I grow up, I want to be a peanut farmer.

Aliases: Walrus
Position: News Poster
About Me: My name is Jenny, I'm one of the news posters for the fab TDN news crew. I like peanut butter and latch hooking, and my dream pet is a fruit or veggie chia (still deciding which). I also absolutely adore kacheeks, even the not-so-cute-and-fuzzy ones

Closet Organizers

Aliases: Amitybelle
Position: Customization Team
About Me: I've bounced around quite a bit during my time here at TDN. I was hired for content before moving to customization. After taking some time off to travel, I'm back with the customization team! I love bunnies, stuffies and usukis and when I'm not lurking on the internet, you can usually find me reading, writing, or watching movies. If I could, I would paint the world pink.

Aliases: Mouseykins
Position: Customization Staff
About Me: Though I'm still in training, I help out the customization department with collecting info on Neopian wearables and reporting on NC Mall events. When I'm offline, you can usually find me chasing after my daughter, reading, or baking delicious treats.

Avatar Lenders

Aliases: Rune Valentine
Position: ALP Team
About Me: I help with lending avatar items through TDN's Avatar Lending Program. When I'm not lending, I can usually be found restocking or in the kitchen making delicious (and pretty) food. I wonder if I could get away with putting chocolate covered peanuts in meatloaf...

Special Guests

Over the years, we have been privilaged to work with a number of great people. Luckily, we were able to track some of them down to do a guest presentation. We've been told their presentation is entitled "Secrets We Can Tell You About TDN Because We Never Signed a Non-Disclosure Contract." This should be interesting...

Aliases: Viridian
Position: Former Content Team and Forum Moderator
About Me: I was lucky enough to be able to work in two different departments during my time at TDN. Now that I have more spare time, I love working with clay, making models and figures. Mostly of elves. 'Cause elves are great!

Aliases: Stupler
Position: Former Content Team, Mod, Co-ALP Founder
About Me: I'm really into gaming and love sharing my tips and tricks with everyone! You can still find some of my game guides kicking around in the TDN content pages.

Aliases: Crusher
Position: Former Forum Moderator
About Me: I really enjoyed getting to know everyone on the forums. We had some good laughs and some good discussions. Unfortunately, I had to leave TDN to focus on my studies. I hope to be a doctor someday.

Aliases: Meeptroid
Position: Former Content Team
About Me: I love gaming, especially on PC. The Metroid series are the best games ever and I will duel anyone who says otherwise! Muah ha ha ha ha! When I'm not gaming, I enjoy comics and hot chocolate with little marshmallows. Little marshmallows. The big ones don't fit in my mouth.

Aliases: Zacwich
Position: Former Forum Moderator
About Me: I'm realling interested in the programming and creation side of web design, so I loved being able to pick Ian's brain. I might have to go bug Theo while I'm here...

Aliases: Ruto
Position: Former Forum Moderator
About Me: I love Zelda! Actually, cheese... shaped like Link... would be the BEST THING EVER! Oh no! I lost my shoes. I think Brittney still has them. Can I go grocery shopping in bare feet?

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