TDN Con 2012 Panels

TDN Con 2012 Panels and Workshops

So what are the panels we're offering all about? When are they? Here's the description and times! Come meet your favorite staffer, listen to their stories, and swap caffeine with them!

A list of all the participating staff can be found here and the registration form to attend can be found here

There will also be a special musical appearance by Ian and Brooke, Brooke and Ian's Concert in the Park: A Glee Tribute. This will occur after all scheduled panels are over at 8 p.m. on day two. (The Altador Cup Series part 2 will occur immediately after the end of the set. Please be prompt.

Check back daily for updated information!

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Panel Information

Surviving the Altador Cup Series

Ever wonder how TDN comes up with all its great AC coverage? In this panel, Mary will give a presentation about all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into covering the event. From prediction tables, to player interviews, to the truckloads of coffee that must be consumed to fuel the 24/7 coverage.
*This special series will be running at midnight every night of the event.

Replying to Tickets: Mediation 101

Every day, tickets roll into the TDN office. Some are requesting advice, some notifying us of page errors and some just to say hi. Sime tickets are easy to resolve and others are... less so. In this presentation, Emily discusses how to keep your cool when dealing with unruly, unhinged ticket submitters.

How to Run a Successful Website

Since TDN is Ian's brainchild, who better to host a workshop on how to create a website that's not only pretty, but successful. After his presentation, there will also be an extensive Q & A session where Ian will be available to answer any questions you may have about website design, site advertising, and how to organize staff.

Kelp's Secret Recipes Revealed!

Ever wonder why Kelp, despite being so expensive is so popular? (Other than the avatar, that is!) Learn how to cook their delightful recipes at home! You will receive a pamphlet containing select recipes as well as learning how to cook two during this panel.

Dressing For Winter- Because What Other Season Is There?

In this workshop, Dawn, our newest staffer, takes participants through the subtle nuances in winter fashion. From layering to matching your scarf and your boots, it's all covered in this wonderful seminar. Participants will all receive coupons for up to 80% off 5 items at the NC Mall!

Stain Removal 101

Who better to discuss methods of clothing preservation than a mom? Having a baby around the house means that you are constantly dealing with messes. Learn how to keep your garments fresh and stain-free in this hour-long seminar that includes practical demonstrations and free laundry service!

Fashions From Around Neopia

From Shenkuu to Kreludor and Brightvale to Moltara, the fashion of Neopia is unique and exciting. In this presentation, participants will learn of the history behind the styles and how fashion evolves over time.

Things to Do While Waiting: For News or Anything Else

Most of being a reporter involves a lot of waiting. Waiting for news, waiting for new developments, or waiting for coverage pages to be completed before adding them to news posts. Sometimes the wait is a few minutes, sometimes hours. Since productivity is the name of the game, this seminar teaches participants how to maximize their productivity by making the most of their spare time.

Poetry Competition

Our resident poet, Saxen, will be hosting and judging a poetry competition! Bring your haikus, free verse, sonnets and limericks and compete against fellow Neopians for the chance to win prizes totalling three million neopoints!

Neopian Times Secrets

Trying to get your name in print? Want that spiffy Neopian Time avatar? In this workshop, you will learn about how to write Times submissions, from ideas, to titles, to tips for proofreading. Everything you need to become a successful Neopian Times writer!

Your Post is in the Wrong Thread: Essential Organization Skills

Trying to keep our boards organized is a lot like mining for diamonds in an iceberg: Slow, hard, and thankless. However, in the process, you do tend to pick up some great organizational habits. Join Spritzie to learn some of her tactics to organize your life!

Questing: Secrets of the Faeries

Faerie Quests: some people love them, some people hate them, but they are unavoidable when wandering around Neopia. In this presentation, Neomysterion discusses the different quests, which items you are likely to need and which quests are worth completing.

How to Survive Your Content Trial

Ever been hired for a new job? Then you know it can be hard to fit in, learn the ropes and find your way to all the secret vending machines that are always full of the best candy. Our newest Content Team trialee, Stephanie, talks participants through these anxieties and discusses tips to get the most out of your new job.

Why Maraqua Will Win the Cup

Well, the odds say that eventually they will win. But this is why this year is the year (just like the last six years.)

Jousting Techniques

On top of a well-trained uni, starting down an opponent at the other end of the field, and no idea how to knock them off? Well, today's your lucky day! With these super-secret jousting techniques Alberto is finally revealing, your opponent doesn't stand a chance. They'll be sitting in the dirt with you laughing maniacally above them from atop your uni in no time!

Guide to Running a Guild

Auctions, beauty contests (no prizes, of course), choosing council, solving world hunger; all the normal jobs of a guild leader. Having a little trouble with one of them? Got an unruly guildmate? Just need a few tips on how to get a guild going? DeAndra can answer any questions you have and every question you don't! You'll have the best guild in no time (besides the TDN Guild, of coure).

How to Contact TNT: Writing More Betterly

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be when you submit a ticket to The Neopets Team about an important issue or question and don?t get a reply for months. In this seminar, Nora will take participants through how to write a short, concise, polite support ticket and how to submit it so as to receive a faster reply.

Motivational Speaking Seminar

Sometimes, when things are tough and work is hard, you can feel like giving up. However, the presence of TDN?s resident motivational speaker Livvy has the gift of making you feel better about everything and feel like you can take on the world! In this seminar, Livvy provides helpful tips to inspire and entertain, and to make your workplace a more friendly, fun environment.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn: Midnight Updates and How to Survive Them

On the East Coast of the United States (like Brooklyn), you're three hours ahead of NST. That means midnight NST is 3 AM your time. When you need to stay up for a midnight update, that can get a bit rough. Not to worry though! Brooke can fill you in on the best people to play Draw My Thing with for hours, what type of coffee to drink, and what type of chair to sit on that will keep you awake because of the uncomfiness! Along with how to decipher sleep-deprived staff messages, of course. You?ll never feel the need to go to sleep before midnight NST again after this.

Coding Webpages: When Pink Font is Not Enough

Everyone loves pink font. Especially big pink font with fuzziness. Usually that works just fine (we know from experience). Sometimes though, that pink font is just not enough. You could always go straight to changing the color to purple or yellow, but if that's still not enough, Theo knows just what you need to spruce up that webpage.

A Guide to Artificial Intelligence

Everyone wants their own robot. Moreso, everyone wants their own robot that makes them dinner and does their housework. But what happens with a badly programmed robot? Theo discusses what cn happen when artificial intelligence goes awry and why only those qualified should play with it.

Tables to Div: Because Deprecated Code Makes Theo Mad

Technology is an interesting thing. It grows and evolves and changes rapidly. This being said, it can be difficult to keep up on all the newest technology, programming languages, operating systems... You may think using an older browser or using old coding language shouldn't matter as long as it works. However, there are many hidden problems with this. This seminar teaches the benifits of staying current and what disasters may follow if you don't.

Beating AAA: A History of the Blumaroo's Defeat By Me

Everyone thinks AAA is this super-intimidating games guy who is unstoppable. This is WRONG! In this panel, Dante discusses the weaknesses of one of our (least) favourite blumaroos and chronicles the history of his defeat.

Battledome Terminology

This course just goes over the basics of 1337 Ba11led0me speak. Includes abbreviations, and whatever else floats your boat.

PHP 101

PHP is a messy language that can be powerful if used correctly and painstakingly punctiliously. That said, the documentation isn't that great either. Better learn a more standard language like C++ and get off the web!

-This message was brought to you by the C++ Programmers of the World without the consent of Xander.

Weapon Testing Basics

All you need to know to test weapons. The long way. The short way was reserved and captured by AAA but we will find a copy of that transaction. Or not. Includes strength, defense, fractionals, dependence, probability, and of course, mathematics.
PREREQUISITE: Mathematics 101

How to Build a Battle Set

A nice presentation on the mechanics of a good battle set. Requires basic understanding of the mechanics of the battledome such as icon types, stances, and boosts. Please bring as a tip.

Mathematics 101 aka *"Mathematics x" when x is:

The basics of mathematics. After all, it is a 101 course! Introduces logarithms, summations, Chinese Remainder Theorem, Cauchy's Inequality, Muirhead's Inequality, Pythagorean Theorem, Fermat's Theorem, Multi-Variable Calculus, and last and most definitely least, adding and subtracting positive integers less than 2. This is the most basic course in the universe and many people that ace this material have an IQ of less than 5.

Successful Neopian Auctions 101

If you?ve ever bought and sold in the auction house, or lent big ticket items for high collat, you know how frustrating it can be to deal with inexperienced, unprepared auctionees. In this seminar, Izzy covers how to run an auction, from the bidding amounts, to the time allocation to general auction etiquette.

Lookup Tutorials

For those of you who are sick of your plain user lookup, it can be difficult to decide where to start in customizing your lookup. In this seminar, Izzy covers how to create a custom lookup, from design, to functionality. Lovers of neon need not apply.

Secret Avatars: Friend or Foe

Life would be a lot easier if that score was just a bit lower; if that item was just a bit cheaper; if that challenger had a few less hitpoints. Unfortunately, that's just how it is. The best way to get through it is to take a good, long look at the avatar you want and decided that it is your friend. If you pick foe, you will be doomed to failure. Trouble picking friend? Here?s how.

Kadding for Dummies

That overfeeder get you again? Missed it by just a few seconds? Have no clue WHAT I'm talking about? Then this is the place for you! Everything you could possibly need to know about kads and how to feed them, all boiled down to a few simple words. After this, you?ll be a pro at shoving the right food into that hungry kad's tummy.

Overkill: How to Battle Politely

There is a reason why Quickfights had those boxes to fill out so that your 10 HSD pet doesn't go up to the likes of Antorcha. But, on the other side of the spectrum, as the stronger player, learn how not to be a big bully before you get suspended or fired for bullying, depending on your age.

No: Hanso's Charisma Charm Isn't Needed Against a Level One Pet

Use a Super Attack Pea instead. Enough said. Really.

Welcome to My Table: Html to Hamburger- Writing Prize Guides While Cooking Dinner

Because all the work at TDN is done on a volunteer basis, if often means that staff are cramming in their duties around their daily lives. This means a lot of multi-tasking. Meghan presents this seminar on the difficulties of managing staff jobs with lucrative jobs while maintaining a household. And yes, her secret hamburger recipe will be provided.

(Almost) Over 9000!: Managing Large Databases

There are a lot of items in Neopia. There are a lot of types of items. There are a lot of items of each type. Managing a database of even one kind of item can be hard. In this presentation, Meghan discusses the difficulty of cataloging and managing thousands of items, with more being added every single day!

Forget Hunger Games - Sign up for Meghan's Wilderness Survival Workshop!

In the wilds of Neopia (like northern Ontario), survival can be difficult. "But I never leave the Games Room," you say. "But I travel via glass-bottom boat, how can I get lost," you insist. Each year, over 1337.14 Neopians go missing in the jungles of Tyrannia and the Haunted Woods. Learn necessary skills to help you survive!

Six Years and Counting: A Detailed Account of the History of TDN and What It Took to Survive It

The Daily Neopets has been around since 2006. Do you know how many events, plots, games and content we've had to cover in that time? *counts on fingers*... A LOT! Learn from staffers who have been with us since the very beginning what it takes to maintain such a comprehensive site as TDN!

How to Discern Robots From Humans

With online comunities, part of the fun is not really knowing who you're talking to. The person on the other end of that screen name could be President Obama, the Pope, or Elvis for all you know. It could also be.... a robot. Part of being a forum mod is being able to detect and remove users who are deemed to be... not of this species. However, the joys of replying to user inquiries often means you yourself are mistaken for a bot. Learn the subtle differences between humans and not-so-human users in this interactive workshop.

*Please no food or drink. We don't want any short circuits.

How to Count: One to Seven

Spam is annoying. Spam wastes time. One of our forum rules to battle SPAM (Short, Pointless, Annoying Messges) is to keep your post seven words or longer. However, SPAM posts are still reported on a daily basis. In this workshop, Anime teaches how to get to that all-important seventh word.

Registration: Easy as 1, 2...I Forgot My Password

Registration is rather easy. Name, email and password are all that's required. The hard part is remembering this information for later use since, isn't that the point of registering? Our community supervisor TJ teaches users how to create memorable usernames with passwords that cannot be forgotten.

How to Speak Ian and Where to Find Him

Some important decisions (like where to place the ping pong table in the staff room) are too important to make without the imput of our wonderful creator, Ian. However, sometimes tracking him down can be a bit of a challenge. Furthermore, he frequently incorporates Latin and quacking into his speech, so communication can sometimes be difficult. In this seminar, Xepha discusses effective communication skills and scheduling tips.

Leadership: Getting the Most From Your Team Without Bribery or Blackmail

Sometimes, coordinating with a large staff with short attention spans can be a challenge. In this presentation, content director Xepha discusses leadership techniques to get the most out of your employees.

Advanced Graphic Design

Ever wonder where all our beautiful banners and event layouts come from? Nope, it's not magic. It's Xepha's amazing graphic skills. In this interactive workshop, she teaches users how to take graphics from ordinary to extrodinary by working on some of the most sought-after projects: shop graphics, guild banners and dancing wocky gifs.

Secrets of Reporting: Photoshop and Feedfly

How are we always able to find breaking news nd post it so quick? Hrtbrk discusses how our cutting-age news finding technology (patent pending) works and why it's the best around!

What to Do When News is Late: Punching is not the Answer

As leaders in breaking Neopian news, there's few things that are more stressful than waiting for the news to be posted. This workshop focuses on stress-management techniques and meditation through ancient Neopian practices.

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