Lunar Temple Puzzle

We now simplified this page to help you figure out the Lunar Temple Puzzle . It's so easy, you won't be on this page longer than 5 minutes!

Solving the Lunar Temple!

The fastest way to solve the Lunar Temple Puzzle without errors (especially if you have the old version of Flash which sometimes displays ONLY the moon) is:

  • View the page's source code (right click on the page and then select "View Source" or "View page source" from the menu)
  • Use Ctrl+F (in Windows) or Cmd+F(on a Mac) to find the Kreludor angle (search "angle") in the HTML code (it's the number right after "Kreludor=")
  • Find where your number is on the left of the chart below; the math is already done out for you on the right side. The number on the right is going to be the number on the image below you will choose to get the correct answer.

HELPFUL TIP: Use the image below the chart for the corresponding answer! This MUST be done. It does not go in order.
Kreludor Angle Answer
0 to 111
12 to 332
34 to 563
57 to 784
79 to 1015
102 to 1236
124 to 1467
147 to 1688
169 to 1919
192 to 21310
214 to 23611
237 to 25812
259 to 28113
282 to 30314
304 to 32615
327 to 34816
349 to 3601

***NOTE: If your number has a decimal value (for example 101.23), you will want to round UP to the next whole number and use that number on the above chart to find your correct solution.


The wise Gnorbu says: "That is the correct answer, great job! Here is a fantastic reward for your diligence."

The wise Gnorbu says: "I'm sorry, that is incorrect. Keep studying the lunar chart and try again tomorrow. Here is a consolation prize for your efforts."

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