The Snowager

The Snowager is a great big beast that resides in the Ice Caves of Neopia. It is a snake-like figure, closely resembling the petpet, Snowickle.

The Snowager is considered a rather formidable creature - well, according to the Neopedia article. In reality, it is very easy for normal Neopians like yourself to go and get some cool items, possibly an avatar; or, on the other hand, get blasted by its ice-breath. Each time you enter, you take that risk.


The Snowager is awake for the majority of the day, and you will not have the option to approach it. However, it falls asleep between 6-7am, 2-3pm, and 10-11pm (all times Neopian Standard Time). During these hours, you can approach the Snowager to see what happens. Whenever The Snowager is awake, TDN provides an alert at the top of every page on the site to let you know.

During the entire month of December, the Snowager is constantly in hibernation and can be visited once per day. Since he is unable to be awoken, the avatar cannot be obtained during this time.


  1. The Snowager moves slightly in its sleep.. you decide to run just in case it wakes up!
  2. You carefully walk in and pick up a (item type) from the pile of treasure, and then run for your life!!!!!
  3. You carefully walk in and pick up a (item type) from the pile of treasure, and then run quickly away!
  4. You carefully walk in and pick up a cool (item type) from the pile of treasure!
  5. The Snowager awakes, looks straight at you... then moans and goes back to sleep. You were lucky!
  6. ROOOOAARRR!!! - The snowager rears up and fires an icy blast at you and (active neopet)!!!!
  7. ROOOOAARRR!!! - The snowager rears up and fires a MASSIVE icy blast at you and your Neopets!!! Oh no!!

The icy blast and MASSIVE icy blast will both cause your pets health to lower, but you may also get lucky and be awarded the elusive Snowager avatar:

Getting blasted can also unlock The Snowager as a 1-Player Battledome challenger. More information on The Snowager in the battledome can be found in it's Battlepedia Profile.


Thanks to Phase 3 Items of the Snowager Stats Project , we are able to give you a full list of every item that can be received from the Snowager! Which one you might get is random.

Scratchcards | Neggs |Snowballs | Keyrings | Weapons | Plushies | New Items

Exclusive Items

You carefully walk in and pick up a SUPER RARE item, and then run for your life!

  • Diary of an Ice Cruncher
  • Frost Glove
  • Frozen Dinner
  • Frozen Scarf
  • Ice Caves Play Set
  • Iced Again, Tale of an Ice Caves Explorer
  • Icy Snowager Noodles
  • Jewelled Negg
  • Mutant Negg
  • Peaceful Sleep
  • Platinum Negg
  • Really Big Chunk of Ice
  • Sloth Negg
  • Snowager Cake
  • Snowager Collectable Charm
  • Snowager Collectors Guide
  • Snowager Cupcake
  • Snowager Petpet Bed
  • Snowager Pull Along
  • Snowager Stained Glass Window
  • Snowager Usuki


You carefully walk in and pick up a scratchcard from the pile of treasure, and then run for your life!

  • Faerie Fortunes Scratchcard
  • Race to Riches Scratchcard
  • Terror Trove Scratchcard


You carefully walk in and pick up a negg from the pile of treasure, and then scamper!

  • Blue Negg Goo
  • Chocolate Candy Filled Negg
  • Grarrl Keno Negg
  • Jelly Bean Filled Negg
  • Jewelled Negg
  • Jhudora Rotten Negg
  • Melted Chocolate Negg
  • Negg
  • Negg Pie
  • Orange Negg Goo
  • Purple Negg Goo
  • Purple Negg
  • Red Negg Goo
  • Small Neggnog Smoothie
  • Patterned Chocolate Negg


You carefully walk in and pick up a snowball from the pile of treasure, and then run for your life!

  • Abominable Snowball
  • Abominable Snowball Light String
  • Bruce Snowball Strategies
  • Diamond Snowball
  • Evil Snowball
  • Failed Snowball
  • Molasses Snowball
  • Peach Snowball
  • Pink Faerie Snowball
  • Poison Snowball
  • Sand Snowball
  • Snowball Fortress Foreground
  • Snowball Pencil Sharpener
  • Steel Snowball
  • Void Snowball
  • Wet Snowball
  • White Snowball Plushie
  • Yellow Snowball


You carefully walk in and pick up a keychain from the pile of treasure, and then run quickly away!

  • Blue Grundo Keyring
  • Blue Kiko Keyring
  • Blue Koi Keyring
  • Blue Korbat Keyring
  • Blue Nimmo Keyring
  • Blue Wocky Keyring
  • Broken Heart Keyring
  • Cloud Jetsam Keyring
  • Coconut Keyring
  • Fire Wocky Keyring
  • Green Usul Keyring
  • Green Wocky Keyring
  • Orange Nimmo Keyring
  • Red Grundo Keyring
  • Red Koi Keyring
  • Red Korbat Keyring
  • Red Wocky Keyring
  • Surfboard Keyring
  • Yellow Blumaroo Keyring
  • Yellow Wocky Keyring


You carefully walk in and pick up a cool weapon from the pile of treasure!

  • Basic Lightning Beam
  • Basic Rubber Axe
  • Blue Frost Cannon
  • Bubble Beam
  • Cheap Air Ring
  • Cheap Earth Ring
  • Cheap Fire Ring
  • Cheap Water Ring
  • Frozen Scarf
  • Gelert Wand
  • Improved Lightning Beam
  • Lightning Gun
  • Lightning Wand
  • Moehog Hoof Pad
  • Plastic Butter Knife
  • Rainbow Gun
  • Really Big Chunk of Ice
  • Red Frost Cannon
  • Rotten Artichoke
  • Supersize!
  • Supersize Mega Ultra Plus
  • Sword of Domar
  • Sparkshooter
  • Trumpet of Blasting
  • Trumpet of Deafening
  • Wet Snowball
  • Yellow Frost Cannon


You carefully walk in and pick up a plush toy from the pile of treasure!

  • Blue Acara Plushie
  • Blue Aisha Plushie
  • Blue Bruce Plushie
  • Blue Chia Plushie
  • Blue Chomby Plushie
  • Blue Cybunny Plushie
  • Blue Gelert Plushie
  • Blue Gnorbu Plushie
  • Blue Hissi Plushie
  • Blue JubJub Plushie
  • Blue Kacheek Plushie
  • Blue Koi Plushie
  • Blue Korbat Plushie
  • Blue Kougra Plushie
  • Blue Kyrii Plushie
  • Blue Lenny Plushie
  • Blue Lupe Plushie
  • Blue Lutari Plushie
  • Blue Mynci Plushie
  • Blue Nimmo Plushie
  • Blue Ogrin Plushie
  • Blue Pteri Plushie
  • Blue Shoyru Plushie
  • Blue Tropical Mystery Island Flowers Plushie
  • Blue Tuskaninny Plushie
  • Blue Uni Plushie
  • Blue Usul Plushie
  • Blue Wocky Plushie
  • Blue Xweetok Plushie
  • Blue Zafara Plushie
  • Brown Pteri Plushie
  • Burgundy Grundo Plushie
  • Checkered Kiko Plushie
  • Faerie Eyrie Plushie
  • Farvin III Plushie
  • Fire Kougra Plushie
  • Florg Plushie
  • Frozen Wocky Plushie
  • Golden Shoyru Plushie
  • Green Acara Plushie
  • Green Aisha Plushie
  • Green Bruce Plushie
  • Green Chomby Plushie
  • Green Cybunny Plushie
  • Green Flotsam Plushie
  • Green Gelert Plushie
  • Green Gnorbu Plushie
  • Green JubJub Plushie
  • Green Kacheek Plushie
  • Green Koi Plushie
  • Green Korbat Plushie
  • Green Kougra Plushie
  • Green Kyrii Plushie
  • Green Lenny Plushie
  • Green Lupe Plushie
  • Green Mynci Plushie
  • Green Ogrin Plushie
  • Green Pteri Plushie
  • Green Shoyru Plushie
  • Green Tuskaninny Plushie
  • Green Uni Plushie
  • Green Usul Plushie
  • Green Wocky Plushie
  • Green Xweetok Plushie
  • Green Zafara Plushie
  • Grey Grundo Plushie
  • Island Paint Brush Plushie
  • Island Skeith Plushie
  • Kauvara Plushie
  • Kevin Plushie
  • Leeble Plushie
  • Merouladen Plushie
  • Mutant Draik Plushie
  • Mutant Jetsam Plushie
  • Orange Pteri Plushie
  • Pink Pteri Plushie
  • Plushie Eyrie Plushie
  • Plushie Guitar
  • Plushie Piano
  • Plushie Trumpet
  • Plushie Turkey
  • Plushie Skeith Plushie
  • Purple Pteri Plushie
  • Purblare Plushie
  • Rag Mynci Plushie
  • Rainbow Aisha Plushie
  • Rainbow Pteri Plushie
  • Rainbow Reject Cybunny Plushie
  • Rainbow Buzz Plushie
  • Red Acara Plushie
  • Red Aisha Plushie
  • Red Bruce Plushie
  • Red Chia Plushie
  • Red Chomby Plushie
  • Red Cybunny Plushie
  • Red Cyodrake Plushie
  • Red Flotsam Plushie
  • Red Gelert Plushie
  • Red Gnorbu Plushie
  • Red Grundo Plushie
  • Red Hissi Plushie
  • Red JubJub Plushie
  • Red Kacheek Plushie
  • Red Koi Plushie
  • Red Korbat Plushie
  • Red Kougra Plushie
  • Red Kyrii Plushie
  • Red Lenny Plushie
  • Red Lupe Plushie
  • Red Lutari Plushie
  • Red Mynci Plushie
  • Red Nimmo Plushie
  • Red Ogrin Plushie
  • Red Shoyru Plushie
  • Red Tuskaninny Plushie
  • Red Uni Plushie
  • Red Usul Plushie
  • Red Wocky Plushie
  • Red Xweetok Plushie
  • Red Zafara Plushie
  • Royal Girl Draik Plushie
  • Rustic Kougra Plushie
  • Silver Chomby Plushie
  • Slorg Handheld Plushie
  • Snicklebeast Plushie
  • Snow Jetsam Plushie
  • Snowball Plushie
  • Speckled Pteri Plushie
  • The Plushie Krawk Book
  • Tropical Mystery Island Flowers Plushie
  • Yellow Acara Plushie
  • Yellow Aisha Plushie
  • Yellow Bruce Plushie
  • Yellow Buzz Plushie
  • Yellow Chia Plushie
  • Yellow Chomby Plushie
  • Yellow Cybunny Plushie
  • Yellow Flotsam Plushie
  • Yellow Gelert Plushie
  • Yellow Gnorbu Plushie
  • Yellow JubJub Plushie
  • Yellow Koi Plushie
  • Yellow Korbat Plushie
  • Yellow Kougra Plushie
  • Yellow Krawk Plushie
  • Yellow Kyrii Plushie
  • Yellow Lenny Plushie
  • Yellow Lupe Plushie
  • Yellow Mynci Plushie
  • Yellow Nimmo Plushie
  • Yellow Ogrin Plushie
  • Yellow Pteri Plushie
  • Yellow Shoyru Plushie
  • Yellow Uni Plushie
  • Yellow Usul Plushie
  • Yellow Xweetok Plushie
  • Yellow Zafara Plushie

New items have been released as of November 28th, 2013. If you get anything that is not in our list, please let us know.

New Items

You carefully walk in and hastily pick up an item from the pile of treasure!

  • Forgotten Ice Sword
  • Frozen Dessert
  • Frozen Raindorf
  • Frozen Snow Shovel
  • Gummy Snowagers
  • Ice Blasted Hissi Plushie
  • Ice Blasted Kiko Plushie
  • Ice Blasted Wig
  • Iced Iceberg Salad
  • Ice Caves Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Impossible Treasure
  • Minty Snowager Pie
  • Sneaking Past
  • Sneaking Past
  • Snowager Ruler Puzzle

This article includes information kindly reprinted with thanks to sillyliss and the Snowager Stats Project.

Written by Samuel
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