Smugglers Cove


The Smugglers Cove is one of the most useless, and useful, places in Neopia. This is home to many well known items such as the famed Super Attack Pea. Only 120 of each cove item can exist at a time, making them very valuable. Some of these items, though not retired, will never be sold again, like the Super Attack Pea as all 120 are in Neopia. You pay for items at the cove with Dubloons, generally a few hundred. The newest item, Sword of White Lies is still being sold though most of them are out in neopia there are probably still a few left in the cove.

These items are never released all at once. All 120 items are released over a few months, even years. There will sometimes be 2 or 3, but generally only 1 items restocks at a time, making you really lucky if you get it.

About the Cove

The Cove was created October Y3, around the 15th. Since then the cove has had 55 different items released into the sand. The Cove began Closed Beta Testing in the summer, and 15 users were chosen. They gave these users special Dubloons that were no trade to test out buying fake items from the Cove. In the end these 15 beta testers got a Pear of Disintegration as thanks and that item was never released again.

Now when the cove runs out of items, TNT continues to make more. Originally only 100 of each item were released, then later it was changed to 120, releasing 20 more of each old item. Many hope that TNT will raise it to 150, even 125, so that the items will be available once again.

The cove also sometimes gives out bans, the time you must wait is unknown, and possibly random. Below you can see what a ban looks like!

The Avatar

Though Smugglers Cove does not have its own Avatar, one of the items does. Yes, as I mentioned earlier the Cove supplies Neopia with Super Attack Peas. If you have a Pea Chia and equip it with this item, you will obtain the avatar. Another Avatar related to a Cove item is the Seasonal Attack Pea Avatar. This is given out randomly on one day during the Advent Calendar.

The Items

Below is a compiled list of all the Cove items in Alphabetical order. All Weapons will have their name linked to the Battlepedia.

Battledome Items

Other Items

Written by Ian
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