Faerie Quest Event 2018


This month, the faeries are offering daily quests and free gifts to all who visit. Be sure to check back daily through May 3rd, after which the faeries will take a rest and return to bestowing quests normally.

How It Works

Every day, from now until May 3rd, you can visit the faeries for a prize. You do not have to complete a quest to be awarded the daily prize. Once you receive your daily prize, you then have the option of completing a quest.

For more info about what you can expect from the different quests, check out our Faerie Quest Guide.

Once you have found the item the faerie requested, head back over to Faerie Headquarters to turn it in and receive your reward! As usual, any stats that are awarded will be given to your active pet, so if you want a different pet to receive the reward, make sure to set it to active before submitting the quest item.

Daily Prizes

Every day when you visit the Headquarters, you can receive a different prize from the faeries. Below are all the prizes the faeries are known to hand out. If you have received an item that is not listed, feel free to contact us and let us know!


Even if you choose not to do the quests, you can still get some spiffy prizes for visiting the faeries. At the end of the event, people who have visited every day will receive a special secret bonus prize!

You do not have to complete any quests during the event to be eligible for the bonus prize. You get it simply by collecting your daily prize every day.

Crafting Faerie Quests

Delina, the Crafting Faerie has returned with all-new quests and items! At the bottom of the quest page, you'll see a request to help Delina. Additionally, you may be presented with a bonus Crafting Faerie Quest after completing your daily quest. Completing these quests does not count towards the main quest event and are strictly for fun. If you like the new items, now is the time to get them. As the event disappears, it becomes harder to get a request from Delina. Take advantage of this opportunity while you can! You will need to purchase 2 ingredients from the NC Mall for 75NC each, adding up to a total of 150NC per quest.

For more information on these quests and to see a list of the items available, please view our guide.

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