Protect Yourself from Scams

Be sure to protect your account! Here are the latest scams and safety tips from us here at TDN!

Anywhere and everywhere on the face of this planet there will be scammers. This means that there will be scammers on Neopets as well. Scammers try and trick you into doing something that seems right, but it is really wrong. Then the scammers will steal your precious Neopets, Neopoints, and items. So, be sure to watch out for scammers!

How to detect a scam...

If somebody posts something like "WIN 1003409384 BAZILLIN NEOPTOSIN1", do you think you'll really get 1 bazillion Neopoints? Ask yourself the question: is this too good to be true? What are the chances that somebody would give you 1 bazillllioon Neopoints anyway? Remember this: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! I have not met anybody on Neopets today that just randomly gives away 1 zillion Neopoints. If you have met one, please tell me (kidding!).

Oh, and if someone says that you should buy the item for 99,999NP in their shop, and you'll get some rare item, like a paintbrush? Ignore it, it's a lie and it doesn't happen. All that will happen is that you'll be down an awful lot of money.

It is unsafe to visit outside links...

Quite often, idiots will come on the NeoBoards and posts links outside of Neopets. Although some of them are actually good links (not scams), many of them aren't. Be VERY careful when visiting outside links. There is a reason Neopets doesn't allow you to post them. ;)

Chain letters do not work...

Chain letters claim to give you lots of expensive items and Neopoints for posting a message on the NeoBoards. Here is an example of a chain letter:

"Post this on 100 different boards get 100,000,000,000,000 Neopoints and 5,000 baby paint brushes when u go to view ur inventory it has been approved by the neopets team and has worked 4 every1 so far."

This is a SCAM! Do you think posting 100 messages on the NeoBoards will get you 100 billion Neopoints? Of course not! Even though "they" claim that it has worked for everybody so far, it hasn't. Chain letters have never worked. Neopets has said this themselves!

Email address scams...

If somebody says "I'll give u 100,000,000,000,000 NEOPOINTZ if u change ur e-mail to [email protected]," it is a scam. You see, when you change it to that email, they can request a lost password and GAIN ACCESS TO YOUR ACCOUNT, so it is very important not to change your e-mail address to something else. Always keep your e-mail address set to YOUR OWN e-mail address.

To protect yourself from scams, use common sense. If something is too good to be true, it probably is. Do you think somebody would randomly give you 100 trillion Neopoints (I haven't met anybody that has!)? There are no such things as Neopoints generators. Chain letters do not work! Be sure never to fall for any scams!

Written by Ian
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