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Neopets Premium is generally made up of older Neopians, who have been around for quite sometime. This is one of the nicer things about Neopets Premium, the members. While you get access to those special NeoBoards, if you are an active chatter, you come to make some great friends. Most everyone 'on charter' which is what we call people who have access to the charter NeoBoards, meaning they have been with premium for over 4 months, are trust-worthy. Everyone is so helpful, it's sometimes scary!

You do get all those great features as well, Super Shop Wizard, Scratch Cards, Prizes, ect. but I honestly believe the greatest thing about Neopets Premium is no advertisements on any pages. Being able to browse neopets, without those extra bulky ads on the top, bottom and sides of the site is what makes my Neopets experience all better. Without ads you don't have to worry about seeing bad ads, or possibly getting bad stuff on your computer from ads (even though neopets claims the ads don't - some stuff gets by the filters). Safety and security are key features.

Some people might ask, is Premium Neopets worth it? And the answer to that question is really solely based on the user. Do you personally believe paying a certain amount monthly or yearly is worth it for what you get? Obviously all Premium Neopets users are going to say it's worth it, because if they didn't believe it themselves, then they wouldn't be paying for it, it's that simple. Are you okay with browsing Neopets exactly how it is, or would you like that change with no ads, getting a personalized portal, or that neomail.com e-mail address you've always wanted? No matter what the case may be, the choice is really yours.

I hope you enjoy TDN's Premium Neopets section, and I hope it helps current Premium Neopets users, and non-current users to gain more helpful information about Neopets Premium. If you have any questions at all, Neopets itself has a great support staff and here at TDN we have great forums , full of wise Premium Neopets users. I'd recommend the forums for a faster response. ;)

Written by Superfly
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