Neocola Machine

The Neocola Machine on Kreludor and requires Neocola Tokens for it to operate. It is rumored to have been made by Dr. Sloth, but even if anyone found proof, would they really live to tell the tale..?

How to Use It

As mentioned earlier, you need a Neocola Token for it to work (a Red Neocola Token, a Green Neocola Token, or a Blue Neocola Token). These restock at Space Weaponry on the Virtupets Space Station and occasionally at the Igloo Garage Sale . Tokens may also be won from challengers in the Neocola Centre Arena. They can also be bought on the Shop Wizard for around 500 to 700 neopoints.

As soon as you get there, all you have to do is click "Onward!" below the image. You will then be brought to a screen where you can select which token to use (red, blue, or green, depending on which one/s you have), which "Neocola" you want (listed below), and how many times you want to press the red button (0, 1, 2, 3, 10, or 42).


Once you use your token and make your selections, you may, or may not, get some neopoints (usually a low amount less than 1000 or so, but one of our visitors received 10,694 NP from the Neocola machine) and a "prize". However, there is a chance that you get absolutely nothing. Regardless, there are a couple prizes that are unbuyable while the rest are usually worth less than 10,000 neopoints. Here is a list of the possible prizes:

Is using a Neocola Token worth it? It really depends on you. You could get a valuable Transmogrification Potion, for instance...or you could get something totally worthless. Just don't expect any Neocola from this Neocola Machine!
Written by Ian
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