Neoboard Pens

A Green Neoboard Pen is a unique NC Mall item. It is categorized under "Specialty" and can be bought for 300 NC. It's also one of the most popular NC Mall items. But what does it do?


The Neoboard Pen grants one additional Neoboard preferences set. This means that you can have an extra avatar/font (NeoHTML and NeoSignature) combination. It helps to give a name to each NB Pen's avatar/font combination, which you can change at any time. Simply choose the pen you want to alter from the tabs at the top of the Preferences page (as shown below) and change your avatar and font exactly like you would with your default signature set.

When you make a post, you can decide which avatar/font combination to use. The box where you make your choice is circled in red in the picture below.

The first NB Pen you use gives you 25% more character space for your posts, NeoHTML, and NeoSignature. You get 500 characters for your post as opposed to only 400, as shown in blue in the picture above. You also get 150 characters (each) for your NeoHTML and NeoSignature instead of only 120. This adds up to 60 more characters for your font!

Finally, you can buy as many NB Pens as you want! You can even have 10 different avatar/font combinations if you have enough NB Pens! However, you don't get another extra 25% of character space for the extra ones you use; only the first one has the bonus.

Neoboard Pens are very worth it if you have NC, especially if you aren't into customizing pets. They are quite useful for making fonts, and they let you say more in each post! (And who doesn't like talking more, hmm?) If you find yourself with spare NC and nothing to do with it, I definitely recommend buying one.

Written by Ian
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