Basic Guide to NeoFonts

Ever wondered how to spruce up your Neoboard font? As sad as it is, people are often ignored based on their plain font. Making a font really isn't that hard, it just involves warped HTML, and a bunch of creativity.

The Basics

Fonts, as they will be referred to as, indeed just use the text editing side of HTML, with the angle brackets (< and >) replaced with square brackets ([ and ]).

They are entered in the Neoboards Preferences page - the Font Control Panel, if you like. On the page, there are multiple boxes with different headings. Here, we are interested in the boxes entitled 'NeoHTML' and 'NeoSignature'. Basically, the NeoHTML box controls the typeface of your text and anything above it, and the NeoSignature box controls everything else below your text, separated by the dotted 'siggy line'.

Below is a small list of font tags available. The first tag shown indicates the starting point, and the second tag indicates its end. Text should be placed in between - much like HTML. Please note that the majority of tags are placed below. More can be found through experimentation.

Tag Description
[b] [/b]Makes text bold
[i] [/i]Italicises text
[u] [/u]Underlines text
[center] [/center]Centers text
[quote] [/quote]Encases text in a quote box
[sup] [/sup]Makes text superscript
[sub] [/sub]Makes text subscript
[br]Starts a new line
[p]Starts a new paragraph
[fontc=#******] [/font]Changes colour of font (replace ****** with hexadecimal colour codes - try this colour wheel ! Or remove the # and type out the full color name [red, violet, etc.] instead.)
[fonts=*] [/font]Changes size of font (replace * with a number from 1 [small] to 4 [large].)
[fontf=*] [/font]Changes typeface of font (replace * with a font name. Any one-word-long typeface works on the Neoboards, but it's safer to use a universally recognised typeface.)

The font tags - that is, the tags starting with [font***] and end with [/font] - can be combined. Only one closing tag has to be used, though. No particular order has to be followed, and there should be no dividers between the tags.

For example - the font tag for a red, size 3 font, in the Arial typeface would look like this:

[fontc=#FF0000s=3f=arial] TEXT HERE [/font]

Removing the 'Siggy Line'

Perhaps the most frequently asked question regarding fonts is the removing the 'siggy line' - the dotted line between your NeoHTML and your signature. This enables fonts to be better customised. It's simple, really. Just add an opening square bracket - [ - to the end of your NeoHTML box, and a closing square bracket - ] - to the beginning of your NeoSignature box. Line breaks - [br] - can also be added before the opening square bracket and after the closing square bracket to indent your text.

NOTE: When you remove the siggy line using your NeoFont, you will not be able to use NeoFont tags in your individual posts. For example, you cannot make text bold when you post. If you do, your siggy line will return, your signature will appear with the closing square bracket - ] - and your NeoFont may not display properly.


The limit for both the NeoHTML and NeoSignature box is 200 characters each (250 each if you have a Neoboard Pen). While this can be quite pesky, fantastic looking fonts can fit well into this space. It?s best to plan your fonts in a word processor first (such as MS Word, of Wordpad), and then convert it into NeoHTML. However, if it does end up being too long, be prepared to sacrifice certain aspects of your font, or to find a compromise. Alternatively, extra font coding can be pasted every time you post a message, but this can get quite annoying and thus is not recommended.


In case you are curious, the font tags default to arial for the face, 2 for the size, and black for the color. (Know, though, that there is currently a glitch that changes it to red in some browsers). Therefore, if you do not specify a face, size, or color, it will automatically default to one of these.

To fix the default color glitch that changes your font to red, simply add "c=black", "c=#000", or "c=#000000" to your font tag surrounding your NeoHTML.

A Basic Font Code

Below is a basic font code. Feel free to play around with the [font] tags, as well as anything else, really.


[center][b][fontc=#0000FFs=3f=arial]Text here[/font][/b][p] [fontc=#FF0000s=2f=arial]NeoHTML[/font][p][


][p][b][fontc=#0000FFs=3f=arial]Text here[/font][/b][/center]


Making a font is not that hard. It just involves a bit of time, and a bit of artistic flair. Why not experiment with Wingdings for various shapes? What you can do with your fonts is vast, and amazing. The possibilities are almost endless! Also try to integrate your font with your avatar - matching fonts and avatars creative a fantastic effect. Good luck - and happy font-making!

Written by Eric
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