[Old] Movie Mountain Tickets

This section of Neopets is no longer available to visitors. This page is for archival purposes only.

To get access to Movie Mountain, you must be in a US-account.

1. Visit Movie Mountain 10 times. Refreshing does not work, you have to leave and return.

2. Go to the Ticket Booth. This is next to the building in the style of a camera. Here, click on the Nimmo behind the counter. A ticket will appear in the top right-hand corner - click this to receive your first. You may have to click more than once.

3. Now, visit the Funhouse - the clown-style building - and click on the Kacheek looking into the Mirror. Again, click the ticket that appears. You may have to click more than once.

3. In the corner of the Funhouse is a blackboard with 'Over the Hedge: Crash and Burn' on it. Click this, and the popup window that appears should be closed. Open and close this popup 10 times, once the page has loaded.

4. On the main view of Movie Mountain, Press the 'Up' arrow of your keyboard 2 times. If the picture does not change, refresh the page. The view will change to Movie Previews if you have succeeded. Then, you must click 25 previews. Or, click 1 preview, but 25 times.

5. Go back to the main map and click on the Camera building. Click on the Acara sitting in the photobooth to receive the next. It may take more than once - some have reported up to 60 clicks.

6. Now go back to the main screen and click the billboard at the back. Click on 5 previews. You don't have to watch, just click.

7. Watch at least 5 Movie Trailers.

8. Click on the shop with 'Souvenirs' above it. Click on the sign that says 'Click here to Shop' which takes you to a real shop. Click the LINK (not back button on your browser) that says 'Back to Movie Mountain' under the shopkeeper. Then, you are at the main map again. You must go through the above process to the Shop again 10 times. Thats quite a lot. It may take less or more before the ticket appears in the Flash-Shop. Refreshing will not work.

9. Visit the Feed a Pet page 10 times. Refreshing will not work.

10. Click on the ferris wheel car.


Please note that you should not contact any staff member on this matter.

Is this related to the Altador Plot?

No, this has no relation to it at all. It's a sponsor feature, and the Altador is a one-world plot.

I still can't get access to it!

Try a different browser, this seems to work.

My tickets are gone!

As have many. The tickets-game-thing is very glitchy and sometimes it won't even load. If they have gone, you will have to start again. Sorry about that! It is unconfirmed that people who do not play in the US and changed their details are having them taken
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