Mirror Games

What is a mirror game? Mirror games function the same as the games in the Arcade , but there are a few small differences.

Difference #1: The url is a bit different

http://www.neopets.com/games/game.phtml?game_id=412 <---Normal game URL

http://www.neopets.com/games/ag.phtml?game_id=1272 <---Mirror Game URL

You'll know you're playing a mirror game if the normal "game" part of the URL has been changed to "ag."

Difference #2: The game ID is different

Note that the URLs are both for Snowmuncher, but the game IDs are different for the regular game and the mirror game.

What this means: The game IDs are what determine your games played . This means that each game ID counts for a separate game score. If you are working towards the Top Gamer avatar, you will know that you need to have scores for at least 250 games. The separate IDs mean that each mirror counts as an additional game for your game count. For example, if you play Meerca Chase in the Arcade and the mirror of Meerca Chase, you're playing the same game (same gameplay and controls), but will be credited with 2 separate games towards your count (and towards the avatar).

Difference #3: Sometimes the graphics are slightly different

(Click images to enlarge)

The image on the left is the regular gameplay front screen. The one on the right is the mirror screen that loads before the regular game screen.

Difference #4: The NP ratios are often different

There is no stated ratio for the mirror games like there is for the games in the arcade. The ratio is almost always different from the regular game, and it is up to you to send your score to determine the game ratio yourself. Like the arcade games, the ratios of the mirror games change from month to month.

Difference #5: The games cannot be found by searching in the arcade, only by typing or clicking a link

Below are the links to all the currently available mirror games and their IDs. You can click the links or use the URL http://www.neopets.com/games/ag.phtml?game_id=### where ### is the mirror game ID.

Mirror Games

Rules Regarding Mirror Games

Yes these games are playable and yes, they award Neopoints. However, there is a rule you need to follow. In one Neopets day (midnight NST-midnight NST), you can only play one version of the game. You may not play the arcade game three times and the mirror game three times. If you play the regular game, you may not play the mirror game the same day and vice versa. Abusing this rule will get your account frozen.


Mirror games can work to your advantage. They can help you towards a tough avatar and, given the different NP ratios, can sometimes be more profitable than the Arcade version of the same game. However, be sure to play by the rules. Failing to do so and taking advantage of the system could result in your account being frozen.

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