Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ

On the 22nd day of Relaxing, Y9 a strange rock crashed into Neopia's moon, Kreludor. There was a lot of speculation about what this might be, but it was established as a new daily. If you are adventurous, you can visit the Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ hourly, poking it with a stick until it cracks open and rewards you with an item - after that you must wait until the next day to visit it again.

Meteor Crash Site


Curious about the meteor crash? If you poke the meteor with a stick and it doesn't disappear, you will be rewarded with a space item.

Special Messages

If you visit the meteor a bunch of times in a short period of time after getting a prize, it alternates back and forth between the "hot meteor" message and the "angry scientist" message. I guess it's a hint to stop trying. If you are getting these messages, it is best to run away from the crash site and come back tomorrow!

Hot Meteor

The meteor has gotten very very hot.
Careful, you might get burned.

Meteor Close-Up

Angry Scientist

An angry Grundo Scientist appears and is shouting madly. RUN!

Angry Grundo Scientist

Written by Xepha
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