Neopets Malls: FAQ

What is a Mall?!

Ahh, yes! Malls. That is quite a general question, so prepare yourself for a long article.

Again, what is a mall? A mall is community of Neopets players with large shops that join up and take "spots." Spots meaning, one mall member will do toys, while the other does food and bakery (there are about 10 other spots besides these two). Mall members each do different spots. Most mall shops are generally a part of the main market . The lowest size requirement for main market can be found here . If your shop size is any lower than the sizes found on that page, you are not considered a "main market shop."

Grundo Shopkeeper

Do malls make a lot of money?

Oohhh yeah they do! Although your sales or profits generally depends on hut positions, malls make a lot of money.

What is a hut position?

A hut position is the placement on your hut. If you actually read the whole article you know what a hut is. :) Generally 1st or 2nd on your hut is a very good spot and brings in good sales.

It's a widely known fact that malls generally get better sales over the weekends, but weekdays are sometimes really bad.

How much does each user make on a mall on average?

It's different for each spot. It all depends on if you stock expensive things or cheaper things. Petpets, for example, is verrry costly to stock, so you may make littler profit than you would selling cheap stuff.

Is it hard to maintain a network of malls?

Oh yes. You must be online constantly to watch your HUT positions and make sure everything in your mall is stable. Malls without leadership do NOT do well. Communication is a key in running a good mall. Lots of time MUST be invested into a mall.

Who takes care of the advertising on the noticeboard?

The mall leader does, but he or she doesn't pay the whole 4,000,000 NP for the noticeboard ad. Each and every one of the mall members contributes an amount to the noticeboard. Some mall leaders have everybody's share be the same. So, if a mall had 10 members, 4m / 10 = 400,000 NP each per week. Other mall leaders give different shares to each members. Petpets is a very profitable spot, so a mall leader may charge more for that spot (per week for advertising funds). Clothing and grooming, a spot that may make less than petpets, may be a lower share. So, some mall leaders have everybody's share be the same, and others may charge differently for each spot.

This is a very brief overview of malls, and we hope you got a better understanding of malls and how they work.

Written by Ian
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