Hannah and the Lost Time Capsules

Following the instructions of an Ancient Bori Scroll, Hannah has discovered the location of a Crystal that could restore balance to Neopia's volatile core. She's called on an old associate to help her unleash its power before it's too late...

How it Works

Just in time to celebrate the 20th birthday of Neopets, Hannah has discovered an ancient scroll containing clues to the locations of capsules that, when collected, provide a spell to stabilize the molton core of Neopia.

From November 11th through 15th, four themed clues, each representing a year of Neopian history, will be revealed to guide players to the locations of the capsules. Visit the Main Hub after solving each clue to receive the next one!

For full details, view the official FAQs.

The Clues

November 11th, 2019

Year 1: Founder's Capsule

"Which city lies below, Has neither rain nor snow, Desperate repairs it needs to undergo. Oh. I think you know."

Location: The Ruins of Maraqua

First Edition of the Neopian Times

Year 2: Foodie Capsule

"Up where the Bori were taken, And the world does glisten, Where terror isn't forbidden, And an eternal monster lies hidden."

Location: The Snowager

Giant Omelette Battledome Snowglobe

Year 3: Time-Twister's Capsule

"For my name first be happy, Combine it with a small valley, Keep this synonym for the finale, And join the breakout gladly."

Location: Escape from Meridell Castle

Champions of Meridell Stamp

Year 4: Smuggler's Capsule

"Can you find this blend? On an island East of mystery. Vanished once from history. Every first makes it at the end."

Location: Smugglers Cove

Seasonal Pinchit Attack Pea Plushie
November 12th, 2019

Year 5: Hero's Capsule

"A Grundo once approached me, And scanned my wares innocently. But I was misled, And the wrong token was fed, Doom was all that was likely."

Location: Neocola Machine

Gallery of Heroes Book

Year 6: Cursed Capsule

"In a land filled with this year's tension, Where a curse defies convention, And did I forget to mention? It lies within a shape that crosses the third dimension."

Location: Pyramids

Emperor Razuls Canopic Jar

Year 7: Athlete's Capsule

"The City's marvels are a boon, Its stone figures opportune, Inside; where books lie strewn, A Lenny could really use a broom!"

Location: Altadorian Archives

Altador Cup with Plushies

Year 8: Fashionista's Capsule

"Can you find this cool cat? Who sees through stars but isn’t a Darblat? She sells wares that she wears, And has a scarf but might have trouble wearing a hat?"

Location: Unis Clothing Shop

The Anniversary Waistcoat
November 13th, 2019

Year 9: Key Capsule

"No buses arrive at this station, Nor does it submit to Neopia's rotation, Defeat an invasion, Without navigation, In a game that disembarks on a deck built for recreation."

Location: Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars

Dr. Sloth Key Quest Figurine

Year 10: Winner's Capsule

"Among Islands west of Altador's city, Is one particularly gritty. In its depths this capsule you'll win, If you can find the pool that no one swims in."

Location: Magma Pool

Most Mischevious Neopies Award

Year 11: Negg Collector's Capsule

"Not a land or solid state, In a time that has no fixed date, From a strange place this capsule calls, In an archive that has no walls."

Location: Advent Calendar Archives

Faeries Ruin Negg

Year 12: Habitat's Capsule

"They say I'm green but I have experience. I wear a hat but I'm no pirate. I have a gill but I'm not a Koi. Who am I?"

Location: Governor's Mansion

Mootix Nest
November 14th, 2019

Year 13: Finder's Capsule

"To find this capsule, Ask yourself two questions: Will you regret going to this island? Why cough before you pay in this cave?"

Location: The Coffee Cave

Missing King Milk Carton

Year 14: Oracle's Capsule

"To you this power I shall bestow The voice of the capsule's beckon call: Where tyrants are in name but no tyrants show. The battleground lies ruined but its relic stands tall"

Location: Battleground of the Obelisk

Shard of The Obelisk

Year 15: Neopocalypse Survivor's Capsule

"For this capsule, you must comb A forest where spirits roam, After all, the Neopocalypse came at a cost. And left some in a cemetary where games are lost."

Location: The Game Graveyard

RIP Gravestones Foreground

Year 16: Charitable Capsule

"It rewards where generosity bestows. The plant bears no fruit but smiles as it grows. It's among neither birches nor willows, But lives between petpets and rainbows."

Location: The Money Tree

Charity Corner Donation Box

20,000 NPS
November 15th, 2019

Year 17: Competitor's Capsule

"Do you remember who loves competing? He'd wonder, why you aren't playing, In a place where a guard keep saying: "Yo! Don't wake the king."

Location: AAA's Revenge

AAAs Personal Gaming System

Year 18: Fool's Capsule

"This riddle could've been cleaner, If you'll pardon my cryptic demeanor. Though this land does have a harbour, You'll find it only in its Battledome arena."

Location: Battledome

Friendship Bracelets

Year 19: Resistor's Capsule

"Potions, potions everywhere but this one's not for drinking, In a land where the following needs linking: First, the farthest from dark could use some thinking. Then add Nabile's mask that does no covering."

Location: The Royal Potionery

Bottle of Wraiths Breath

Year 20: Vicennial Capsule

"In a land that's crashed yet unbroken, Where functions can be names spoken, Still, an outwardly nameless yet named hiding spot was chosen, It certainly isn't out in the open."

Location: The Hidden Tower

Fyoras Vicennial Celebration Crown

Bonus Prizes

20 Year Celebration avatar
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