Krawk Island Has Disappeared


Earlier this month, travelers from all around Neopia started to report weird activity around Krawk Island. It seems like the tentacles of what we believe to be a Titanic Squid were surrounding the Pirate isle. To everyone's surprise... most of Krawk Island had vanished from the map overnight! Only a small spot of the well-known island remains... a Solitary Shanty that is housing a Krawk named Gavril McGill.

Note: The following activities are unavailable due to this event: Swashbuckling Academy, Golden Dubloon, Dubloon-O-Matic, Food Club, Smugglers' Cove, Fungus Cave, Buried Treasure, Bilge Dice, Little Nippers, Armada, Krawps, Krawk Cup, and Coloring Pages.
Solitary Shanty

The Neopian Sea Chart

After meeting up with Gavril McGill, you are presented with a sea chart. Every day, you can search for Krawk Island in the vast waters of Neopia. You and your crew can search in a maximum of five areas, until the mood of your crew decrease to the point that they refuse to obey your orders. In other words, once you have accumulated five cross marks on the zoomed in map, you need to move on and try in another area.

Neopian Sea Chart

Neopia's Sea Chart: A Closer Look

When you take a closer look at the chart, you notice that the water is split into a 7 X 7 grid. All you have to do is to click on a rectangle of your choice to see if it hides an island, a treasure or nothing at all. Knowing that each island take 4 squares, the best strategy is to scatter your picks around the map. Avoid clicking in the corners or on two adjacent spots.

Find nothing Find item
Find island Find treasure
Click on an image to enlarge it.

Possible Prizes

  • A History of Krawks
  • Bag of Decorative Seashells
  • Blackened Gruel
  • Bone Foot Rest
  • Bucket Cookie
  • Bucket of Sludge
  • Buried Treasure Crackers
  • Captain Scarblade Plushie
  • Cherryberry Krawkade
  • Chest of Toy Dubloons
  • Clay Dubloon
  • Dubloon Charm
  • Dubloon Nuggets
  • Fruit Krawk Pot
  • Fruitmallow Grog
  • Golden Tooth
  • Greedy Kadoatie Piggy Bank
  • Hook Polish
  • Hooked on Fishing
  • I Love Captain Scarblade Hat
  • I Love Captain Scarblade Tankard
  • Krawk Island Chronicles
  • Krawk Island Postcards 10 Pack
  • Krawk Island Usuki Play Set
  • Leafy Krawk Pot
  • Let's Play Deckball
  • Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest*
  • Map Reading
  • Meat Kebab
  • Mop Cookie
  • Mops Throughout the Ages
  • Old Wooden Barrel
  • One Dubloon Coin
  • Pawkeet Pencil Sharpener
  • Pegleg Chicken
  • Pegleg Wax
  • Piece of a Treasure Map
  • Pile of Bones
  • Pirate Accessory Set
  • Pirate Compass Table
  • Pirate flag
  • Pirate Hot Dog
  • Pirate Lip Balm
  • Red Pirate Socks
  • Salty Gumball
  • Sandy Sandwich
  • Sardplant Fruit Grog
  • Scroll of the Sea
  • Sea Cocktail
  • Seafarer Rope
  • Seafood Pasty
  • Seafood Twist
  • Seaweed Bacon Jacket Potato
  • Skull-n-Bones Pasta
  • Spooky Treasure Map
  • Stained Glass Pirate Ship Window
  • Stained Glass Skull and Cross Bones Window
  • Striped Beard
  • The Bucket Book
  • The Curse Of The Pirate Aisha
  • Thornberry Fruit Grog
  • Toy Pirate Hat
  • Two Dubloon Coin
  • Vanishing Dubloon
  • Wooden Pirate Ship

*To open a Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest, you need to purchase a Mysterious Skeleton Key in the NC Mall. Each key cost 125 NC and will allow you to open one chest. Inside the chest, you will find an exclusive wearable item.

Items that you find inside Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest
Handheld Net of Pirate Petpets
Handheld Net of Pirate Petpets

Pirate Throne Room Background
Pirate Throne Room Background

Skull Staff
Skull Staff

Marooned on an Island Background
Marooned on an Island Background

Big Black Lace Pirate Hat
Big Black Lace Pirate Hat

Pirate Dress and Jacket
Pirate Dress and Jacket

Crossbone Mask
Crossbone Mask

Pirate Fence
Pirate Fence

Retrieving the Islets

Map of islets to retrieve

Now that all the islets making up Krawk Island have been found, Gavril McGill wants you to head out with your crews again and retrieve the islets for reconstruction. If you head back to the sea chart, you can pick an islet to sail to and tow back. However, towing the islets isn't an easy task, and you'll have to tackle the puzzle of arranging your crew members in a balanced fashion before you can start.

Crew balancing puzzle

Sudoku players will probably be familiar with this new puzzle. You're given four types of crew member, and a grid divided into several larger coloured boxes. Each column, row, and coloured box on the grid can only hold one of each type of crew member (or if you want to think of it another way, each column/row/box must contain one of each crew member). A couple of spots on the grid are filled in for you. You need to fill in the remaining spots by placing crew members in them. To place a crew member, click on one of the crew members at the top of the puzzle, and then click on the spot you want to place the crew member on.

The simplest way to approach this is to target a box that already has two or three crew members placed on it. Then look at either one of the two remaining spots (if there's only one remaining spot, well, the solution should be obvious). There will be two possible crew members to place in that spot. Strike out one possibility by looking at the corresponding row/column and checking to see if one of the crew types has already been placed. Then simply place a crew member of the remaining type, and repeat the process with another space. If you can't eliminate a possibility, you should also go look at another space. You can also start with a row/column and strike out possibilities by looking at the corresponding column/row and box if you need to.

Once you're done, just set sail and you should be able to retrieve an islet and collect your prize. Sounds easy, right? Well, not exactly. Each day, the puzzle gets harder and you no longer have simple sudoku. Don't worry though, the same principles that you used on day one will lead you through the rest of the event. Follow the same logic but instead of four colours and four crewmembers, just increase the number. No matter how many colors or crew members, stick to your common goal; Get one of each crewmember on each colour, column, and row. Good luck retrieving both Krawk Island and a spiffy prize!

Complete crew balancing puzzle

Possible Prizes

  • A Tail of Two Krawks
  • Black Skull Candle
  • Blibble
  • Blurtle
  • Brain of Mirgle
  • Buried Scroll
  • Candy Pirate Earrings
  • Captain Limebeard Plushie
  • Chocolate Krawk Cake
  • Darigan Krawk Collectable Figurine
  • Farnswap
  • Five Dubloon Coin
  • Florta
  • Green Weewoo Plushie
  • Hidden Treasure Pasta
  • Jacques Plushie
  • Jelly Bean Pirate Chest
  • Keeping Your Krawk Happy
  • Krawk Island Travel Brochure
  • Mint Chocolate Krawk
  • Mint Chocolate Krawk Coin
  • Mirgle
  • My Life At Sea
  • Orange Krawk Cake
  • Outdoor Pirate Flag
  • Piece of a Treasure Map
  • Pirate Avenger Plushie
  • Pirate Bomber Plushie
  • Pirate Brute Plushie
  • Pirate Cybunny Plushie
  • Pirate First Mate Plushie
  • Pirate Scout Plushie
  • Pirate Slorg Plushie
  • Pirate Warning Sign
  • Pirates Chest
  • Seaweed Krawk Cake
  • Shrubbery
  • Skull and Crossbow
  • Springy Skull Toy
  • Star Map
  • Ten Dubloon Coin
  • The Grundo Pirate
  • The Korbat from Krawk Island
  • Toffee Dubloon
  • Treasure Map Negg
  • Weewoo with Grub Plushie


With all our efforts, Krawk Island is now fully restored. You can now visit the Governor's Mansion , the new residence of Gavril McGill. The visitors of the Anchor Management get a daily chance to fire at the sea for a prize. Also, a new trading area is now opened for business. The Warf Wharf is the busy epicenter of the island.

Rewards for Participating in the Krawk Island Event

Inflatable Krawk Island
Inflatable Krawk Island

Bug Eye McGee Action Figure

Caution - Pirates Sign
Caution - Pirates Sign

Caged Skeleton
Caged Skeleton

Governor Mansion Stamp
Governor Mansion Stamp*

1,000 OR 10,000 OR 15,000 Neopoints*
Krawken Attack

An avatar and a site theme*

*Depending when you completed each part of the event, and how much of the event you actually completed, you may not have received the stamp, the avatar, or the site theme. Additionally, some Neopoints were awarded to all users, but the amount varied based on participation and promptness.

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