Kiko Pop!


Kiko Pop is the first daily to be located in Kiko Lake, one of the smaller places in Neopia. Elvin, a dashing kiko, is your host to welcome you to step up and try your luck.

How to Play

Elvin has given us the choice of three levels to play his game. The levels are, from easiest to hardest: Easy & Effortless, Standard, I Can Take It, and Super Crazy Hard!!!.

Once you choose your difficulty, you'll be shown a spinning board filled with balloons. Aim your dart with your mouse and click your left mouse button to fire.

If you manage to pop a balloon, you'll win a prize! Hitting the balloon will not always pop it, unfortunately. You only get one try per day, so be sure to aim well.

The dart can either miss the balloon or hit it and still bounce off it. A rigged game!

If you're lucky, then you'll hit the balloon and it will pop, giving you a prize! The image beneath the balloon tells you what type of prize you received.


There is no known specific prize pool for Kiko Pop, but the rarity of item you receive will be affected by the level of difficulty you choose to play.

Easy: R20-R79

Standard: R60-R89

Hard: R60-R89


Kiko Pop!

Randomly awarded on either Standard or Hard difficulty. It's currently unknown if the solution is affected by color, whether or not the balloon has a bandage, or any other factor.


The Kiko Pop daily is fairly boring since you only get one shot, but if you like dart games, why not spare a click a day to see if you get a prize?

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