Kelp Restaurant

Kelp is a restaurant situated in Maraqua. It's a very exclusive restaurant, with the prices of the high quality food being very expensive. It's quite hard to get in, because sometimes you're rejected, but you can always try - click here to get to Kelp . There's no particular way of getting into Kelp; any amount of money will get you in.

Kelp logo

Once you have been let in, you'll be seated.

Kelp Waitress

As you can see, you have many options to choose from. Clicking on each menu, you a given a Flash version of what is for sale. Below, we have given a list of each item, their description, and how much they cost.

Food Available at Kelp


Angel Hair Salad
Angel Hair Salad
13,000 NP (CHEAPEST)
Fresh Oysters
Fresh Oysters

16,300 NP
Kelp Gazpacho
Kelp Gazpacho

15,000 NP
Pate A La Kelp
Pate A La Kelp

15,800 NP
Tropical Fruit Bowl
Tropical Fruit Bowl

13,000 NP (CHEAPEST)

Main Courses



Note: Each of these items are Rarity 101, and thus do not count as a Gourmet Food. Gourmet Foods are rarities 90-100.


Once you place an order (just click on an item in the menu), you get sent to the 'Eat' page, below.

Eat page at Kelp

Once you click "Eat", you'll get the item billed and your active pet will have eaten it. On the rare occasion that you are offered some scraps, take them, as this may randomly award you the avatar.

The Staff at Kelp

Kelp Owner
Kelp Owner

He is the proprietor of Kelp. You must get past him to get inside!

Kelp Waitress
Kelp Waitress

She'll be serving you today. On the main page, she'll say one of 10 things:

  • "Welcome, I am sure that you will love the food here."
  • "Welcome to kelp!"
  • "I hope you enjoy your evening."
  • "Everything here is wonderful."
  • "Mmmmm, the Fish Special is excellent today."
  • "Hello, may I recommend the Ocean Platter today?"
  • "Feel free to take your time selecting your meal."
  • "Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!"
  • "The Filet of Beef is exceptional today!"
  • "Hello, welcome to kelp."

Kelp Avatar

There is also an avatar available. To get it, you must have eaten at Kelp and been offered to take some leftovers home, which is not always offered. It's likely you'll have to visit a few times before the offer comes up. A tip for the avatar though, is to make sure that your pets are bloated before you go in; thus, they won't want any food, and then you may be more likely to want the leftovers for another time.

To get the avatar, remember that it is random. There is no certainty that you'll get it. You can try having a bloated pet, and buying from each menu, but there is never a guarantee.

Enjoy your time at Kelp!

Written by Samuel
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