Hidden Tower Items

Note: Account age must be 4+ months to purchase items from The Hidden Tower. This is the place to buy all of your pricey rare and magical artifacts.

The Hidden Tower is accessible here .

An invisible tower in Fyora's tower has been home for hundreds of years to the most powerful items in Neopia. She is now selling them to raise money for Faerieland. Can you afford the price?

You can also access the Hidden Tower, through Faerieland . It's hidden, so we've put together a picture to show you exactly where to click, see below.

Hidden Tower Location

Current Items for Sale

Amulet Of Thilg

8,500,000 NP

Battle Dung

5,000,000 NP

Bracelet Of Kings

3,500,000 NP

Faerie Fog

3,500,000 NP

Faerie Queen Doll

2,000,000 NP

Faerie Tabard

7,500,000 NP

Fan of Swords

16,800,000 NP


7,500,000 NP


8,000,000 NP

Hubrids Puzzle Box

11,000,000 NP

Ice Scorchstone

3,000,000 NP

Kelpbeards Trident

9,000,000 NP

Nuria Faerie Doll

1,000,000 NP

Mask Of Coltzan

3,700,000 NP

Pocket Cooking Pot

5,682,500 NP

Portable Kiln

3,158,000 NP

Rancid Battle Dung

5,000,000 NP

Royal Paint Brush

1,750,000 NP

Skarls Hasty Mace

7,000,000 NP

Slingshot of Fire

10,000,000 NP

Slorg Flakes

750,000 NP

Smelly Cheese Bomb

6,000,000 NP

Starry Battle Dung

5,000,000 NP

Sunshine Shield

800,000 NP

Sword of Ari

11,000,000 NP

Sword of Lameness

17,000,000 NP

Sword of Reif

11,000,000 NP

Sword Of Skardsen

11,000,000 NP

Sword of Tawre

11,000,000 NP

Sword of Thare

11,000,000 NP

Sword of Thigl

11,000,000 NP

Twin Faerie Blades

13,000,000 NP

Ultra Bubble Gun

7,000,000 NP

Former Items for Sale

These items used to stock in the Hidden Tower, but are now retired. They are extremely rare too.


Avatar How to Obtain
Fyora Avatar How to get: Purchase any item from the Hidden Tower. The cheapest is the Grimoire of the First Order at 100,000 NP, which also gives you the "HT-Rich" avatar when you read it to your pet.
How to get: Purchase "Grimoire of the First Order" from the tower and read it to your pet
Cost: 100,000 NP
How to get: Purchase "Grimoire of Prosperity" from the tower and read it to your pet
Cost: 1,000,000 NP

How to get: Purchase "Grimoire of Affluence" from the tower and read it to your pet
Cost: 10,000,000 NP

Discount for Older Users

Accounts that are 60 months old and above now get a 3% discount at the Hidden Tower on the third Wednesday of each month.


The following phrases randomly appear under the top image in the Hidden Tower.

  • These magical artifacts are centuries old!
  • You will never lose another battle again!
  • My favourite is the Rod of Nova (but I seem to be sold out!)
  • I will add more items to my stock soon!
  • You could never afford any of these!
  • No, I dont do loans!!!
  • You must be strong to wield these items in battle.

Random Event Discount

While exploring Neopia, you may be rewarded with a random event granting you a 10% discount. This 10% discount cannot be combined with the 3% Discount on the third Wednesday of the month. If you have this 10% discount, your Hidden Tower page will look like the image below.


This shop is more for rare collectors, as collecting all the items in this shop would cost you a lot of neopoints. Use caution when browsing this shop though, it's not like a regular shop, click once and you buy the item. Enjoy.

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