Hexadecimal Codes & Colors

What are hexadecimal codes?

Hexadecimal codes are sets of numbers and letters assigned to colors. They are used in coding (such as in your shop, on your petpage, or for a font) in place of the full name of a color (such as "red").

For instance, #0000FF is blue, so you can use span style="color: #0000FF;" instead of span style="color: blue;" in HTML. In that case, it's longer, but for colors such as medium slate blue, it's much quicker and easier since you don't need to know the color name. (In case you're interested, the hex code for medium slate blue is #7B68EE.)

The main color codes you need to know are #000000 and #FFFFFF, which are black and white respectively. Whenever using hexadecimal codes, remember to include the # sign in front of it in your. For some hexadecimal codes, try looking at this colour wheel .

Find hexadecimal codes

If you're looking to match your Neoboards font with the color of your avatar, we have all avatar hexadecimal codes listed under our Avatar Solutions section. To view their hexadecimal color codes, click the avatar image from the list.

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