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What is a guild?

A guild is a group or club where Neopets players can meet others with similar interests. There are thousands of different guilds in Neopia so you're bound to find one that interests you - but if you don't, you could always create your own!

How do I find a guild that I might like?

Neopets offers a guilds search feature, so that you can search for guilds to your liking. You can search by subject (keyword) or by guild name. The search is found at the very bottom of the main Guilds page, and looks like this:

Search for guilds

If you find that the search offers too many (or even too few!) choices for you - or you don't know what type of guild you're looking for - you can also try the Guilds Neoboards . Here you can either create your own topic, and others will come and post links to their guilds, or you can just browse the advertising topics that have already been posted til you find something that strikes your fancy.

How do I join a guild?

Once you've found a guild that you want to join, simply click on the "Join Guild" link in the guild's sidebar to join! You can only be a member of one guild at a time, so if you're already in one you need to leave the old one first.

Join Guild link

How do I find my guild?

There are a few options - from the main Guilds page you can click "Teleport" and you'll be taken directly to your guild. Alternatively, in the Neofriends module on the My Account page you will also find a direct link to your guild. Another way is to go to your User Lookup (click on your username at the top right of any page) and click on the guild link displayed where it says what rank in your guild you are.

My Guild link

How do I make a guild?

From the main Guilds page, select Create New - you will be given a number of options to choose about your guild, like a name, a description, a colour scheme, etc. The only one of these that is irreversible is your Guild's location. All the other options can be changed in the Guild Layout Admin panel after you've finished creating your guild.

What's the guild council?

The guild council is a group of high-ranked members who - usually - help the Leader with the running of the guild. They often have Admin powers and some sort of specific job within the guild. Their names appear at the top of the guild sidebar.

What is a sub-council then?

Often larger guilds require a lot of work to maintain so the leader and the other members of the main council select a "sub-council" from among the most active members to help out with various duties. The positions aren't official in the Neopets guild system so the sub-council's names don't appear on the guild sidebar like normal council's do but the Leader often posts them in places like the layout, guild webbie, etc. Generally, in guilds with sub-councils, the fifth normal (non-council) rank is reserved for members of the sub-council.

What does the little blue star mean, beside people's names in the Member List?

The little blue star Admin power icon means that that member has some form of Admin power within the guild. The guild leader will automatically have the star, as will any other members they've assigned powers to.

How do I get Admin powers? Is there a special way I have to re-join the guild?

Admin powers are assigned by the guild leader through the Guild Members Admin panel. You do not have to leave and re-join for them to do so.

How do I change my guild's location?

Unfortunately, you can't. This is the one option you cannot change after your guild is made.

What is a "guild mailer"? How do I send one?

A Guild Mailer is a way for you to Neomail all your guild members at once. It sends a carbon copy of your message to all your guild members - they're a great way to keep your members up-to-date on the happenings in your guild. If you're the guild leader (or you have Mailer Admin) then to send one out, simply go to send a Neomail and select "My Guild Members" from the Neofriend drop-down list. You can send one mailer a day.

Guild Mailer example

Why don't I receive Mailers from my guild, even when the leader sends them?

You must enable the Guild Mailer option, before you will receive them. Go to Site Preferences (under the My Account drop-down menu) and make sure the Enable Guild Mailings option is checked.

Enable Guild Mailings checkbox

If that still doesn't work, remember that if you have your Neomail set to Neofriends-only, and you are not Neofriends with your guild's leader (or whoever is sending the mailer), then the message won't go through. If this is the case either open your Neomail to everyone, or add the person who sends the mailers to your Neofriends. Similarly, mailers do not go through to players who are under 13 and don't have parental permission.


If your question was not answered here, then try the Neopets FAQ - chances are, your question is answered there! If not, there's bound to be someone who can help you on the Guilds Neoboards , or on our own TDN Forums , who can help you.

Written by Izzy
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