The Forgotten Shore Daily

The Forgotten Shore

Following the reassembling of Krawk Island after the attack by the giant squid, it seems as though a new secret area has appeared along the North shore of the main island:

forgotten shore

Along the far coast of Krawk Island lies the Forgotten Shore. Treacherous reefs surround the area, and more than one vessel has been lost for daring to approach. Every once in awhile, old cargo still washes up onto shore..

Accessing the Shore

The Forgotten Shore is only available to those who manage to compete the Forgotten Shore Map on the Neopets Treasure Maps page . Once completed, the map can be accessed by clicking on it on the newly redesigned Krawk Island Map:

forgotten shore location

It can also be accessed by clicking this link

Like the other maps of Neopia, the Forgotten Shore map is completed by gathering all 9 pieces together and visiting the map page to put them together. You can find a list of all the pieces here.

After the rescue of Krawk island, a new Anchor Management Daily was introduced to keep the giant squid at bay. The daily will sometimes award map pieces as prizes for helping keep the island safe. Pieces are also available from other users via the Mystery Island Trading Post , the Neopian Auction House and from user shops via the Shop Wizard . The Forgotten Shore map pieces are also able to be searched via the Super Shop Wizard, unlike the Secret Laboratory map pieces.

forgotten shore map

Arriving at the Shore

forgotten shore

Upon arriving at the shore, you may be presented with one of the following objects in the sand:

shovel jewels coin neopoints chest

Clicking on the objects shown above will award you with various prizes. While you may visit every day, you are not guaranteed to find treasure every day. Some days, there will be no objects for you to find in the sand. Feel free to try again the next day though! If you visit on a day where there is no treasure to be found, the caption under the shore will tell you "there is nothing of interest" to be found that day.


These are the prizes that are currently known to be awarded at the Forgotten Shore. If you have received an item that is not listed, feel free to contact us and let us know!

Each one of the images you're able to click on (shown in the previous section above) has a certain prize pool of items it gives out.

2,000 NP
5,000 NP





Discovered Treasure Chest Prizes

When you receive a Discovered Treasure Chest, you can go to your inventory and have the option for one of your pets to play with it. Like giftbags and pinatas, when the chest is played with, a prize will be inside. These are the prizes currently known to be in the chests:


Customization & Neohome

Morphing Potions





Avatar?!...Random Avatar

forgotten shore avatar

Yes all you avatar hunters, the Forgotten Shore also has the chance of awarding an avatar as your daily prize. It is random however, so it may take more than one visit to find!


Overall, this seems like it's going to be quite a profitable daily. Even if you're impatient (like me) and choose to buy your pieces rather than wait to collect them all from Anchor Management, the prizes will help you win back your money in no time! With the chance of rewarding a Draik Egg, a Krawk Morphing Potion and, of course, an avatar, this may soon become one of Neopia's favourite dailies!

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