Festival of Neggs 2019


The yearly Festival of Neggs has returned as a way to celebrate all things Spring- and negg-related. This year's Festival will begin on April 8th, 2019 and end on April 28th, 2019.

NOTE: Day 1 of the event will begin on April 8th and run through April 9th.

How It Works

Topsi is back this season and he is hiding around Neopia! Every day he will provide clues for us to find him.

Once you have found Topsi for the day, he will offer you one of three of the special themed Neggs. Upon choosing, Topsi will give you a random one of the three prizes from that Negg. There are 5 different themed neggs in total, but each time you find Topsi he will randomly choose which three to offer you.

Finding Topsi every day on the day of release will reward you with a bonus prize at the end of the event.

Topsi Locations

Day Clues Location
April 8 - 9 Brr! Its cold, and full of Ice. To get out of his cave you won't have to be told twice. The Snowager
April 10 Think you need an extra push? Your next Negg is in a berry bush. Pick Your Own
April 11 Some say a story can take you away, but books still need a place to stay. Booktastic Books
Moltaran Books
April 12 I'm hungry! I'm hungry! Please feed me something nice! Preferably something that's made of ice! Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop
April 13 Is this the end? Oh no, its NOT. Try a place where it gets very HOT! Moltaran Caves
Mystery Island Volcano
April 14 Along with this Negg is a gift for you! This one's easy, its near a Roo! Roo Island Merry Go Round
Roo Island Souvenirs
April 15 You don't have to search very far or long, the next one is where you sing along to a song! Concert Hall
April 16 Diddley doo, diddley dee. The next Negg is where you find coffee and tea. Coffee Cafe
April 17 Wow! You're really good at this, so here's a harder one. This Negg is waiting where cooking is done. Kelp
Cooking Pot
April 18 Remember to play fair, your next Negg is in a lair! Symol Hole
Lair of the Beast
Deserted Tomb.
April 19 Vroom Vroom! Off you go! Your next Negg is in the General Store. General Store
April 20 Golly and gosh! You are good at this! The next Negg is where a Mortog you will KISS! Kiss the Mortog
April 21 Itchy Scratchies, Cricky Neck, Chickaroo. If you need medical aid, this is where you go. Hospital
April 22 Pillow is where you rest your head, not in your Neohome but in a hotel instead. Neolodge
April 23 Ears help you hear and eyes help you look, find your next Negg where you use bait and hook! Ye Old Fishing Vortex

Negg Prizes

There are different themed neggs that you can be offered, each with three unique prizes.

Glass Neggs

Upon choosing your Negg, you may also be given a Magical Negg that can only be used by purchasing Magically Mysterious Dust in the NC Mall. For prize listings and more information, please view our guide.

Bonus Prizes

Neopians who found Topsi every single day of the event qualified for a special bonus prize, specific to the event.

Not only did you solve each of my clues, you did so on the same day they were put out. I'm giving you three prizes for all that hard work:
I’m impressed, you solved each of my clues. I'm giving you two prizes for all that good work:
You managed to solve some of my clues! I’m giving you a prize for that good effort:
Festival of Neggs Site Theme
Festival of Neggs Site Theme
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