Faerieland Employment Agency (Super Jobs)

This page is the second part of the Faerieland Employment Agency article that explains Super Jobs. To view the first part, which is about Basic Jobs, click here.


Neopia offers a ton of ways to earn Neopoints and prizes. Besides playing games, older players may want to experience more challenging ways to gain Neopoints. A good example of this would be the building found in Faerieland known as the Employment Agency . Much more simple than the Stock Market, the Employment Agency gives players a feel for the business world by offering them jobs that have to be completed within a certain time period.

Job Coupons

Unlike Basic Jobs, where a player can receive a job by refreshing every ten minutes, Super Jobs require special items known as Job Coupons. There are seven regular Job Coupons that the Employment Agency has to offer. From left to right, the coupons below are shown from lowest rank to highest rank.

Upon use of a Job Coupon, it decreases by one rank. For example, using a Gold Coupon would turn it into a Silver Coupon. A Silver Coupon would turn into a Red Coupon, a Red Coupon into a Blue Coupon, and so forth. After the final rank, Green, is used then the Coupon will disappear.

Brightvale Job Coupons

Brightvale Job Coupons are to be treated exactly the same as regular Job Coupons. The only difference is that these coupons are a step higher. So naturally, if one were to use a Green Brightvale Coupon, then it will become a Pink Coupon.

It is possible to acquire a Brightvale Coupon rarely through the Wheel of Knowledge and occasionally through the Wheel of Extravagance . The only other way to get them is from other users via shops, auctions and the Trading Post.


Are Super Jobs really worth accomplishing? It all depends on which way you look at it. To some, it may seem like an expensive upgrade of Basic Jobs. To others, it may seem like a better way to earn Neopoints faster. Although in my personal opinion, I'd have to say that Neopians should steer clear of Super Jobs for the time being. You will most likely end up paying more on the coupon itself and receive a lousy reward in return of your efforts. So I repeat the question; are Super Jobs really worth accomplishing?

Written by Ian
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