Deadly Dice

What would you like to be doing at midnight NST? Some might answer, "I've just got to beat my highscore on Ultimate Bullseye"; others might simply reply with a snore from their bed. Whatever it is, it's unlikely that you'd want to be playing a game of dice with one of Neopia's most sly Blumaroos, rolling to decide the fate of your Neopet's level, in the deep depths of one of Roo Island's derelict castle.

Count von Roo arrived upon Roo Island many years ago, and on October 31st, 2003, just as Roo Island was starting to spring back to life, challenged the locals to a game of dice. Will fate support you, or will your Neopet lose vital levels?

How To Play

To play Count von Roo's Deadly Dice, you must visit his dungeon upon Roo Island between 12:01am and 12:59am NST. NST is Neopian Standard Time, equal to Pacific Standard Time, and the current time in NST can be viewed in the top right-hand corner of the Neopets navigation menu. You can only play with a level 2+ pet (check your Neopets levels here !)

Every roll of the dice is totally random (although theories are developing to try and see if there is a pattern to rolls), and depending on how your score compares to von Roo's, you'll gain or lose a level for the pet you are playing with. Both von Roo and yourself will 'roll' the dice, and you'll see your score. Levels will be at stake, and you'll see what levels you could lose.

Count von Roo: When he's won, and his 'I'm a poor loser' face.

If the number from your roll is higher than that of von Roo's, your pet will gain the levels that are at stake. If, however, your roll is lower than von Roo's, your pet will lose the levels that you're playing for. For instance; if you had a level 3 pet, and you won, your pet's level would go up to 4, but if you were to lose, it would go down to level 2.

If you both get the same number from your rolls - and thus you are tied, you must both roll again. The catch this time, however, is that the stakes are doubled - you might be playing for two levels, instead of one. It heats up!

If you play with a low-levelled pet, never fear - a Neopet can't have a 'level 0', as the minimum any Neopet can ever get is level one. Because of this, the minimum level a pet can be to play the game is level two; and if you play with a level two pet, you can only win or lose (because if you were to tie, there's a possibility you'd lose two levels on your next roll, as the stakes are doubled; which would mean your pet would go to level zero, which is an impossibility).


An avatar is available from this game, but if you're an avatar collector it's advisable to play rarely.

You gain the avatar when you tie with von Roo, and then on your next (free) roll, win against him. Unfortunately, if you were to come back and play the game the next day, and tie against him and then lose against him, you lose the avatar and won't gain it again until you successfully tie/win against the Count! Click to see TDN's indepth guide to the avatar.

If you do lose, however, Count von Roo can be gained as a battledome challenger from a random event anywhere around the Neopets site, so feel free to fight him in sweet revenge once you get him. He's only available in the Battledome between 12:01 and 12:59am NST, and has a difficulty of 80. Good luck! :)

Written by Samuel
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