Chia Pops

Ah, Chia Pops, one of the many mystical things in Neopia. They can fill up your pet, or if you have a chia, turn it into many wonderful colors! The main thing you need to know is, only Magical Chia Pops can turn your pet into a cool color... and they only work on Chias (duh!).

Magical Chia Pops

These are the ones that will turn your Chia into a cool color. These are identifiable by their names; all pops that will change your Chia into a fruit or vegetable are now called Magical [flavour] Chia Pop. For example, a "Magical Apple Chia Pop" will turn your Chia into an apple, as shown below. Here is a list of all the Magical Chia Pops and what they will change your chia into.

Non-Magical Chia Pops

These are the ones that do nothing to your pets except fill them up. Their names are simply [flavour] Chia Pop. For example, the item called "Grape Chia Pop" will NOT turn your Chia into a grape! So use caution and pay attention when purchasing! To help you, here is a list of all the Non-Magical Chia Pops.

You can buy Chia Pops (Magical and Non-Magical) from the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop which is located on Terror Mountain. Magical Chia Pops are harder to find, although it is possible to pick them up from the Igloo Garage on very rare occasions.

Written by Ryan
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