Charity Corner 2019


Atsumi from Shenkuu is here to teach us about the ‘less is more’ approach to living a life of contentment. Take a hard look at your possessions. Do you need them all? Join this brilliant new enterprise and let go of the excess to welcome positivity into your lives by donating items in exchange for points to spend in the perk shop.

The Living with Less program will start on the 6th of May at 10:00:00 NST and will go on for 14 days, ending on the 20th of May at 23:59:59 NST

How It Works

This years Charity Corner has provided us with a new way to donate. If you are already at the hub page, click on the tray to be taken to your inventory where you will have to click on each item you wish to donate, for a max of 10 donations

Once you have selected all your items you wish to donate, click the prompt to confirm you are ready to head back to Atsumi.

You will be taken back to the hub page where you will click the lever on the machine to confirm your donations. Atsumi will give you a preview of the items you are donating beforehand, so double check to see you didn't add anything by mistake.

Points per Rarity of Items

Your donated items will be converted to pointsto spend in the perks shop at the end of the event.

The amount of points you receive per donated item depends on the rarity of the item you are donating and goes as follows:

Item Rarity Points
r1-79 1
r80-89 2 points
r90-97 6 points
r98-r100 8 points
r101 1 point
r102-179 4 points
r200; 15 points

Discard System Update

Due to many users pointing out how cumbersome and slow the discard system was this year, TNT launched an update to the donation process a week into the event. The new donation page can be accessed here.

The new interface is similar to the regular quickstock page. You simply check off the items you wish to donate (up to 15), then click Declutter! at the bottom. In the top right corner, you can see your total points earned so far, and after each lot you submit via the form, the points you earn from that lot will display under your current total event points. For those wishing to use the original method, you can also continue doing so from your inventory page.


Users received a Neomail awarding them with Neopoints, NeoCash, and trophies based on how many points they accumulated through their donations.

1,000 nps 2,000 nps
150 NC
5,000 nps
200 NC
10,000 nps
250 NC


In previous years, participants had to earn a certain number of points to be awarded the event avatar. This year, TNT changed it up a bit and awarded the Charity Corner 2019 avatar to anyone who donated at least 100 items, regardless of rarity or total final points.

Don't forget to check me off your list!

Perks Shop

There are 18+ perks to choose from this year! Some perk can be used multiple times while some have limited use. Read closely before choosing.

NOTICE: Charity Corner perks do not stack with Skirmish Boons.
Perk Length Cost
Scratch Master
Buy two scratchcards at once from any of the three Kiosks.
1 Week 1,000 points
Avatar Goldmine
Increases the probability of winning certain random avatars.
2 Weeks 3,000 points
Cheaper By the Dozen
Purchase stocks selling for as low as 10 NP
1 Year 10,000 points
Bank Bribery
Raise your interest rate at the bank by 3%.
1 Year 8,000 points
Limited Edition
Convert any one pet into a limited edition species of your choosing.
1 Time 5,000 points
Oh, Blimey!
Place five more bets than usual at the Food Club
1 Week 5,000 points
Fast and Furious
Reduce the time taken to get your pet up to speed for battle.
1 week 1,000 points
Refreshed Quest Request
Gives a chance to abandon the current Faerie Quest and start a new one afresh.
1 week 1,000 points
Wish Upon a Wishing Well
Make 5 extra wishes at the Wishing Well
1 week 800 points
In a New Avatar
Get an avatar you don't have from a select list of avatars.
1 time 500 points
Random Acts
Guarantees positive random event every day for an entire week.
*Can be applied twice.
1 week 4,000 points
Spike up your active pet's Battledome Stats and add to either strength, movement, intelligence, health, level or defence.
*Can be applied twice.
1 time 1,000 points
Right Round Round Round
Spin the wheels of Excitement, Extravagance, Knowledge, Mediocrity, Misfortune and Monotony twice without having to wait the usual time to spin again.
1 day 100 points
20 Extra
Trade to your heart's content with 20 extra lots for it!
1 week 800 points
Your pet will guide you in the right direction through the Faerie Caverns, leading you towards guaranteed treasure.
1 day 100 points
Ensures your active Neopet is so well-fed, it's bloated.
1 day 10 points

Perk Me Up Coupon

Purchasing this perk will give you one of the following perks to choose from.

Perk Length Cost
Prized Possessions
Increases the cap on the number of item prizes you get when defeating your opponent in the Battledome
2 Week 2,000 points
Free spin at the Wheel of Extravagance
1 time
More for Less
Get game avatars for a score that's 20% less than the predetermined eligibility scores.
2 weeks
Bring Back the Old Days
Here's your chance to turn back the clock and get a site theme you don't have. .
1 time
Wanna Bet On It?
Increases the amount you can bet on pirates eating in the Food Club by 20%.
2 weeks
One More Time
Allows you to enjoy your favorite perks one more time.
1 time
Colour it Wild
Allows you to get your pet zapped with exclusive Lab Ray colours.
1 time
Pile On
Look out for the multiplier sticker on games to boost your Neopoints.
1 week
Allows you to get your Petpet zapped with exclusive PetPet Lab Ray colours.
1 time
Can I Keep It?
Grants a beautiful, exclusive item you'll definitely want to keep!
1 time
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