Treasure of the Black Pawkeet


Fancy hunting for some treasure? Not looking forward to digging through the sand? Look no further! Treasure of the Black Pawkeet in Krawk Island let's you hunt for treasure without having to get your hands dirty.

How to Play

For 300 NP, you can pick a square on the board and see if there's any treasure buried there. During the month of November, it costs only 150 NP.

You can play once every 3 hours.


When you pull a ticket, there are a variety of results. More often than not, you'll likely end up pulling nothing.

Nothing ):

If you get lucky and pull a piece of the treasure, you can win up to 20,000 neopoints. The amount can be 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 5000, or 20000.

If you happen to pick a spot on the board labeled as a Booby Prize, you'll get a gross food item.

Some tickets also have a dubloon on them and will award you one random dubloon coin.

Rarely, it is possible to win the cumulative JACKPOT. The current jackpot amount will be listed above the game board.


If you're very lucky, you may stumble upon the Aisha Scalawag avatar. It's randomly awarded when you win something at Buried Treasure.

Unfortunately, there are no sure ways to get this avatar. It's one of the more difficult random ones. Methods that may help, but are unproven, include: click the same square every day OR print off a copy of the map so that you can click each square and check it off as you go. Neither method will definitively improve your chances, though.


Buried Treasure can be well worth the neopoints, especially if you stumble upon a few 20,000 tickets (or even a jackpot!) Guard what treasures you find, though; you have to be careful with other pirates wandering about.

Written by AliCat
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