Brightvale Portals


Brightvale has received a make over and a strange portal has appeared in the Brightvale Castle. We must help Magon the Wizard create a portal into the future in one week, or he will give up his project forever and face charges in the Court of Knowledge.

The event will last 7 days, starting on 27th August and lasting until 3rd September, 23:59:59 NST. Day 2 begins on August 29th.

How It Works

To begin, head to Brightvale and listen to what Magon the Wizard has to stay at the bottom of the page.

Accept that you are willing to help, doing so will unlock a new site theme for you!

Next, click on the giant portal to be taken to one of the various portal destinations around Neopia.

Afterward, head back to Brightvale for your reward.. and to see if your Neopet made it out of the portal the same way they went in.

A log of what prizes you received will be displayed on the page, including any negative effects from the portal and a timer for when you can travel again.

Portal Effects

Beware! Traveling through portals may have some ill effects on your Neopet such as loss of Battledome stats, an illness or even changing the colour of your active Neopet.

But do not fret, these changes will be reverted after the event is over.

TIP: If your pet has received an illness, view our Diseases and Cures guide or try visiting the Healing Springs for a chance to fully heal your pet once every 30 minutes.


It appears you will be given a random Brightvale item for each trial that you complete, however some prizes are exclusive to the event.

Exclusive Prizes

Blank Tomes

Much like the Meridell event, this mini-event also features a Neocash competent and this is it! You will need to purchase a Magic Lens from the NC Mall in order to open your Tome and get an exclusive Neocash prize.

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