Block Neopets Advertisements in Safari

Neopets, unfortunately, has a lot of ads, and while there's nothing inherently wrong with that, the ads on Neopets tend to come in particularly blatant and intrusive swarms. With most modern web browsers however, you no longer have to put up with all those ads pestering you and slowing down your computer. This guide will show you how to block those ads in Safari.

First things first: the ad blocking functionality in Safari is provided by an extension called, rather aptly, 'AdBlock'. Safari only gained support for extensions in version 5, so you'll need at least Safari 5 in order for this to work.

The first step to an ad-free Neopets experience is to install the AdBlock extension. Visit the AdBlock for Safari page and click the big blue 'Get it!' button. Safari will probably ask you whether it should open or save the file - you can just hit open if you're unsure (if Safari doesn't install the extension automatically after downloading it, you'll need to double-click the downloaded file in the downloads box).

Once the file finishes downloading, Safari should put up a warning dialogue like the one below. Read through the warning and click 'Install' to set up AdBlock.

Safari warning dialog

We're almost done - all that's left now is to add a few additional ad blocking rules, to help get rid of some of the sneakier ads on Neopets. Click the AdBlock button on the top left (if this button doesn't show up, you'll need to close Safari and start it again) and open the 'Filter lists' tab. Then scroll down until you see a text box just after the words 'Or enter a URL'. Paste the following URL into the box (make sure you don't accidentally copy a space at the end):

After that, just hit the 'Subscribe' button, and you're done!

Adding a filter list

Congratulations on achieving an ad-free Neopets. Have fun now!

Extra: Since the top banner on Neopets is part of the layout in many site themes, we only block the ads on top of it, and leave the banner itself there by default. If you're using a theme which doesn't have a themed top banner (so you're left with an ugly grey block at the top of the page), or you just want the extra space, you can subscribe to this additional filter list to get rid of the banner:

Just paste it in the subscription box on the filter list page, like you did before, and click 'Subscribe'.

Written by AA_Sans_Quotes
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