April Fools '13

New Merchandise

On April 1st 2013 we all expected an April Fools joke, which we didn't notice at first... However, as soon as this banner found its way to the homepage, we thought we found it!

The banner led us to the Merch News page, which had not been updated since a couple of years. The page looked like this:

Some of the products looked particularly interesting, though others immediately gave away that this had to be this year's joke. They offered a large scale of food items, all wonderfully handcrafted in TNT's office. There were a couple of categories in their catalogue: Games, Food, Products, and Playsets.



Premium NC Item

Premium members got the following Neomail:

Hi! You may be thinking this Neomail has come early, and you'd be totally right. See, all of our programmers will be out of the office during the regularly scheduled Premium Collectible delivery time so we have to send it out now instead. Because of the change, we made sure this month's collectible was super awesome. So awesome you'll weep tears of joy. So awesome you'll have to explain to everyone around you that the sound you're making is called a "squee". So awesome your hair will spontaneously catch on fire, but like in a good way you know? Anyway, please check your inventory for your collectible. We think your non-Premium Neofriends will be totally jealous. Enjoy! - The Neopets Team

Once they checked their inventory, it was the following wonderful item:

Well well, that was quite an interesting day. I think I'll settle down for a plate of Edible Socks and a cup of Sophie's Stew Flavoured Tea. See you next year!

Written by Viridian
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