April Fools '08

In 2008, The Neopets Team suprised us with a new April Fools joke! This time, after browsing Neopets for a while, a message would appear on your screen, saying that you had been selected to beta test a brand new Neopets feature.

Neobuddy was presented as a feature that would match you with a Neopets character after taking a personality test. This character would then guide you around the site and would give you useful tips.

Neobuddy's Personality Test

  1. It's the weekend! Which sounds like the most enjoyable activity?\
    • Crawling around some cavern looking for treasure.
    • Swimming around a beautiful underwater city.
    • Relaxing in your palace.
    • Doing your homework. You have no time to dawdle, exams are coming!
    • Brewing something in the kitchen.
  2. You're on vacation on Mystery Island, but you forgot your wallet! What will you do?
    • Pull out your ray gun, zap someone, and take their money.
    • Offer to take people on jungle hikes for a reasonable price.
    • Borrow a little money. Everyone knows you, and they'll be well rewarded.
    • Brandish your sword and demand the local villagers give you all their valuables.
    • Challenge someone to a game with some money involved. You know you won't lose.
  3. What would a devious dark faerie try to tempt you with?
    • A foolproof plan to take over Neopia.
    • The location of an undiscovered island.
    • The ability to change your cursed past.
    • A whole lot of depth charges for a certain underwater city...
    • A worthy opponent.
  4. When you were little, you spent most of your time...
    • Throwing your wooden blocks at people and cackling madly.
    • Searching the backyard for treasure.
    • Preparing for the day you'll ascend the throne.
    • Stealing toys from other children.
    • Playing board games.
  5. Which of these would you consider your best quality?
    • Your adventurous spirit.
    • Your strong sense of empathy.
    • You're quite cultured.
    • Your intellect.
    • Your rough personality. No one messes with you!
  6. How do you get along with your siblings?
    • I'm an only child.
    • We tend to butt heads a lot.
    • We don't interact all that much.
    • I adore mine!
    • We watch out for each other. Don't mess with my siblings!
  7. What's your most common type of reading material?
    • Treasure maps.
    • The Neopian Times.
    • Official documents.
    • School books.
    • Cookbooks.
  8. Which of these words do you like the most?
    • Domination
    • Adventure
    • Royalty
    • Treasure
    • Triumph

Your closest Neobuddy match is... Bug Eye McGee

Despite the fact that Neopets included other possible matches on their results page, the only Neobuddy you could have was a character that you probably never heard about before named Bug Eye McGee! This Techo had a unique personality and could shout 'advice' at you randomly during April Fools Day.

Here are a few quotes from our favorite Neobuddy:

Of course, all of this was only a joke and things were back to normal on April 2nd! Don't we all miss our cool Neobuddy?

Written by Xepha
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