Account Restrictions & Perks

Old accounts receive several special perks, such as being able to access the NC Mall Elite Boutique, a special shop for Neopian veterans. To find out what perks your account is eligible for, keep reading. Your account perks are determined by your account age (the time that you registered the account on Neopets). There are restrictions placed on young Neopets accounts, too.

New Account Restrictions

You cannot do the following activities on Neopets until you reach the specified account age:

  • 24 hours: Post on the Neoboards, join guilds, or send Neomail
  • 24 hours: Visit most Dailies
  • 48 hours: Visit Coltzan's Shrine
  • 48 hours: Play Test Your Strength
  • 3 days: Submit a score into the High Score Table
  • 4 days: Collect Advent Calendar prizes
  • 1 week: Vote in the Beauty Contest
  • 1 month: Collect monthly freebies
  • 3 months: See any rarity item in the main shops
  • 4 months: Buy from the Hidden Tower

Restocking & Rarity Restrictions

When you first create a Neopets account, you won't be able to see all items in the main Neopian shops. Here's how old your account has to be to see everything:

  • <10 days old: r79 and under
  • 10 days old: r84 and under
  • 16 days old: r89 and under
  • 1 month old: r94 and under
  • 3 months old: all rarities

Account Perks

As your account gets older, you'll be able to take advantage of special account perks.

Extra User-to-User Pound Transfers

As your account gets older, you'll receive more user-to-user Pound Transfers .

Age Range # Transfers
1-23 months 1 transfer
24-47 months 2 transfers
48-71 months 3 transfers
72-95 months 4 transfers
96-119 months 5 transfers
120-143 months 6 transfers
144+ months 7 transfers

Extra Games Room Favourites

As your account gets older, you can add more Favourites at the Games Room.

Age Range # Favourites
1-12 months 12 favourites
13-32 months 15 favourites
33-60 months 18 favourites
61-83 months 21 favourites
84-108 months 24 favourites
109+ months 27 favourites

Neomail Inbox Space

Your Neomail inbox space increases with account age!

Age Range # Messages
1-35 months 100
36-38 months 110
39-41 months 120
42-44 months 130
45-47 months 140
48-50 months 150
51-53 months 160
54-56 months 170
57-59 months 180
60-62 months 190
63+ months 200

Hidden Tower Discount Day

Hidden Tower Discount Day occurs on the 3rd Wednesday of every month and accounts that are 60 months or older can take advantage of a 3% discount on this day. This discount cannot be combined with random events that also give you a discount at the Hidden Tower.

Elite Boutique at the NC Mall

When your account reaches 49 months old, you will be able to access a special shop at Neopets called the Elite Botique at the NC Mall . You can visit our Items Database for all things NC Mall and customization related.

Extra Trade Lots

When your account reaches 3 years (36 months), you'll be able to create an additional 5 trade lots at the Trading Post, in addition to the regular 10 for all accounts.

Re-readable Books

For accounts 2 years (24 months) and older, there's a small chance that book items won't disappear upon using them in your Inventory.

Additional NeoTitles at Neoboards

The following NeoTitles may begin to show up under your account beginning at 2 years (24 months). Not all of these show up at once... they begin to "trickle in" and unlock under your account at 2 years.

  • 1337 Elite
  • Brains... must eat brains...
  • Excuse me?
  • Future entrant to Gallery of Evil
  • Future entrant to Gallery of Heroes
  • Give me chocolate!
  • I'm not the Neopian you're looking for
  • I've got skills
  • I am AAAwesome!
  • I eat socks
  • King of Customization
  • Negg Collector
  • Neogardener
  • NeoHome Builder
  • Pack Rat
  • Queen of Customization
  • Roodoku Master
  • Servant of Sloth
  • Starving Artist
  • Team Asparagus
  • Team Diamonds
  • Team Dung
  • Team Fyora
  • Team Kass
  • Team Sloth
  • This Team is Now Diamonds
  • Ultimate Riches!
  • Umm... Yeah?
  • Unconverted pets are best
  • With age comes wisdom
  • You didn't see that

Additional User Lookup Interests

For accounts 2 years (24 months) and older, these interests will begin to show up as options under your user info .

  • Action Figures
  • Annoying Siblings
  • Baking
  • Battledome
  • Beating AAA
  • Critiquing (Critiquing Films/Critiquing Books/Critiquing Art)
  • Dinosaurs
  • Eating Gross Food
  • Faeries
  • Fighting Against Dr. Sloth
  • Goth
  • Gross Foods
  • Interior Design
  • Laughing
  • Making Noise
  • NC Mall
  • Pirate Overlords
  • Robots
  • Serving Dr. Sloth
  • Shopping
  • Slushie Slinging
  • Snoring
  • Spending Neopoints
  • Texting
  • Time Travel
  • Usuki Dolls
  • Whining on the Boards
  • Writing
  • Wussy Ninjas

Almost Abandoned Attic

If your account is at least 3 years old, you'll be able to access Almost Abandoned Attic . Visit our Almost Abandoned Attic guide for how to benefit from this.

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