Almost Abandoned Attic

The Almost Abandoned Attic , or AAA (ironic, right?), is located in a secret house in Neovia . It's a special shop for "loyal users" with accounts 36+ months old, and it functions similarly to the Igloo Garage Sale.

Basic Information

To get to the Attic from the Neovia map, click the door of the southwest house as shown below:

If your main account isn't 36 months old and you have an aged side account, you are allowed to restock at the Attic using your side account. However, your side account must be funded from your main account, and you should sell any items you get on your main. In other words, the Neopoints on your side used to buy the items must come from your main account, and you should send back any items you restock to your main account.


The Attic restocks with various items from r80 to r99 (so yes, Draik Eggs and Morphing Potions do restock) priced at their "estimated cost" in the item info. (If for some reason you want to see the estimated cost, click on the item in your inventory and look through the pop-up. =P) Practically any type of item can restock, from food to clothing to toys.

In Editorial #633 , The Neopets Team confirmed that "the Almost Abandoned Attic restocking at predictable intervals was actually a glitch. It is now working as intended." The restocking system is comparable to the Kadoatery. There is a chance that it will restock every seven minutes after it went, give or take 30 seconds. Please be aware that the items tend to run out quickly since the Attic is so crowded with "restockers."

Buying items functions just like user shops. In other words, no haggling is required. Just confirm the pop-up box once you click the item, but be quick about it! If you manage to buy an item, you will have to wait 15 minutes before you can make another purchase. Also, you can only buy up to 5 items per day. Good luck!

Written by Ian
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