Kreludan Mining Corp.

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So you want to be a miner? Well here's your chance! There are a couple of miners over at the Kreludan Mining Corp. that need your help to mine some precious Kreludan Metal. All you need to do is pilot a remote drone to pick up the ore all while avoiding walls, and shooting odd creatures... Sounds easy right?

Instructions & Controls

You can set the controls for this game to whatever you want in order to make you more comfortable playing. The default controls are quite simple. Use the right and left arrow keys to rotate your ship right and left and the up arrow key to use some thrust and move forward. Once you've got the hang of moving, use the spacebar to shoot and the B and N keys to turn the tractor beam on and off respectively. More on using the tractor beam later. The main point of this game is to find the yellow ball of ore and bring it to the refinery to be processed. Also shooting the odd creatures and collecting gems will get you extra points.

What you'll Encounter

There aren't many things that you will encounter down in the mines, mostly rock and large alien creatures that shoot green balls at you :P. Refer to the table below to see what you will encounter.

Image Description
This is your ship. Its very fragile so don't run it into any walls.
This is your ship when it is carrying a chunk of ore. Be careful not to let the ore hit a wall or alien or you will blow up. Flying with ore is much more difficult than flying without it.
This is the refinery where the ore is processed. Just let the ore touch the glowing yellow light at the top. You can either do this by manoevering your ship close or by using the N key to drop it.
Gems are a great help in the game. Each one is worth 20 points (or 24 NP) so get them if you can! Also note that in order to get a gem, you must pick it up with your tractor beam.
This is your main goal in the game use you tractor beam to pick this up and fly it back to the refinery
Watch out for these just touching one will cause you to lose a life. They are shot at you by aliens so be sure to destroy them before you get the ore.
These are the enemies of the game. They can get fairly tricky in the later levels, but as long as you take them one at a time, you'll have no problem shooting them all!

Tips & Strategy

The most important thing to remember in this game is to go slow. Line your ship up for where you want to go and don't rush. This is especially important when you are carrying the ore. If you start going to fast or wild it will start swinging making your trip to the refinery all the more difficult.

The first level may seem simple at first glance, but there is still a hidden gem that you may want to get. It may seem like a breeze to expert players, but for beginners it can be quite hard. Follow this strategy to get the gem.

Start by flying all the way to the top left corner of the mine. See where the rocks are sort of wobbling? Line your ship up vertically right below the rocks. (see below image) Make sure to hold down the spacebar (or whatever your shoot button is) while doing this. It will help in the next step.

Now if you can't see the gem yet, continue shooting at the rock until its all gone and you can see the gem. now fly straight up as close as you can to the gem and turn on your tractor beam. While keeping your tractor beam on quickly stop thrusting and do a 180 turn (turn completely upside down). Now just let your ship fall out of the hole, get the ore, and beat the level!

Extra Stuff

There is one fairly basic cheat for this game. Just type in Kreludor to gain an extra life. This is best to do just as you start the game on the first level, just so you don't forget.


All in all this is quite a hard game to get far in, but not as hard if your just going for the neopoints. Its quite addicting and easy to play around if you need practice!

Written by Ryan
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